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In conjunction with the 2013 Spring Gala, one of our amazing parents put together a little something for us called "Party Book".  Many other schools have found that this is a great way for parents to spend time together while having fun and raising money for the school.  So here, for your viewing (and bidding) pleasure is the Chaminade version of Party Book for 2013!  Check out the wonderful assortment of parties - all sponsored by Chaminade parents, just like you!  Sign up for as many as you like and round up some friends to join you.  But just don't wait, because once the parties are booked, you will just have to wait until next year! 


We are also offering a limited number of CZ Diamond stud earrings at a great price!  We don' t have many left though so don't wait to pick up a pair or two.

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PLUS.....Get in on a Special Jewelry Offering!

This year, jewelry designer RyanRyan (brother of a Chaminade parent) created a stunning necklace just for us - and we wanted to give you an opportunity to own one!  A similar version was auctioned off at the Gala and it was so popular that we asked Ryan to make it available to everyone.  Ryan designs jewelry for Glee (not to brag) and our Nade pendant is just like the ones he made for the show!  Plus he has done other Chaminade pieces - check them all out at

Are you registered to bid?

If you are an old pro with this whole online auction thing, just sign in and bid away!  If you would like to become a bidder - it is easy!  Just sign up by clicking on the Create an Account icon at the top of the page.  It is a simple process and with this auction, you don't have to worry about anyone out bidding you on the price - you just need to make sure that there is a space for you! 

All of these parties have been donated by parents in the school, and your admission will also be a donation to the school.  So what are you waiting for?  Support Chaminade and come join in on the fun!

Any questions or concerns, or if you don't want to sign up and still want to purchase a party, please email us at