Winter Wonderland A Peaceful time to buy art and more!
Auction Ends: Mar 11, 2018 11:00 PM EDT
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ABOVE image of late NYC artist Evelyn Metzger  "Jogging in Central Park Marathon" 24"x36" oil on board. Ask about her beautiful self portrait to go with the painting.

Art for Healing NYC Int'l Org. has original art works for sale at great prices and various mediums of artists from around the world.  We also have portrait sessions available at great prices and other unique items. 

Art for Healing NYC Int'l Org. will be auctioning off a number of fun and unique items to bid on to raise money for our organization - and the more items we have the more money we can raise, so we're asking for your help.

We share the funds rasied from the sale of our art work with your favorite charity! A win/win for all. 

We use our funds raised from the sale of these donated art works to continue our many free arts workshops and various programs and ongoing 911 NYC arts book multi media events and readings. Free consultation to artists and more.

Please also click on Donate and you can go to our website to kindly donate a tax deductible donation to help us continue our healing arts programs.

The arts are extremely important in everyone's life. When one is healed spiritually via the involvment or creating the visual and performing arts, one can heal physlically and mentally. Art for Healing NYC Int'l Org. believes in arts education. 

Please Give. The funds we receive help us continue our Visual and performaing arts programs with children, adults, and our Veterans. 

Please buy 911 NYC arts books and donate them to your public and school library!

Art for Healing NYC Int'l org published a decade later "9.11...NYC...The Days After..." a peace and courage NYC arts book. Please visit our website to listen to the songs of the lyrics in our book. For just $20 you can donate this historic book to your public library or school library. Ask us about bulk purchase of our historic USA book for English and art classes. 

Our art is original and at great low prices We have sales of different art works JUST for the current auction!  Celebrate Art for Healing NYC Intl' org May 3rd birthday. We are 17 years old! 

Please check the sale artworks just for that particular auction.  Sales are ongoing of different artworks at various auctions.Sale good only for that current auction. 

If you want to help your own charity raise funds with our art collection, simply have their supporters buy our artwork and we share 50% of the profit with your favorite charity. Easy and free.