Center for Coastal Studies – NYC Paul Taylor Dance Co. Gala
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For more than forty years, the passionate and dedicated staff at the Center for Coastal Studies has worked tirelessly to understand and protect the coastal environment and ocean ecosystems through scientific research, marine animal rescue, public education and outreach. Now, as we confront the effects of increasing environmental pressures and ever-decreasing funding, we need your support more than ever.

Because the item was donated to CCS by a generous individual, 100% of the proceeds goes directly to CCS.

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The Silent Auction that Resonates!

Because of the amazing generosity of a wonderful individual who donated to our auction, 100% of the auction proceeds goes directly to the Center for Coastal Studies benefiting our research, rescue and education programs.

Your purchase will resonate because you are effectively giving three times: once to CCS, once to the lucky gift recipient, and once to future generations of ocean stewards.
Thank You! 
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