Auction Ends: Oct 30, 2019 09:45 PM MDT

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  5. td558f21a$1,540
  6. ksc01250c$1,500
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  8. mc618e699$600
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The Branch Out Neurological Foundation welcomes back a truly unique collaboration of gap filling neuroscientists and sought after artists

Starting on October 21, 2019, Branch Out Neurological Foundation begins auctioning art by established and sought after artists including: 

Allan Harding MacKay | Angela Morgan | Caroline Stanley | Catherine Davis | Chris Cran | Colleen Philippi | Geoffrey Hunter | Jenn Weihmann | John F. Gerrard | Kailey Moulson | Lindsay Rempel | Mandy Stobo with Anne Sellmer | Michelle Screpnechuk | Neil Dawson | Stacey Walyuchow | Tresa Gibson

The unique pieces are collaborations between Branch Out funded neuroscientists and the artists and represent non-pharma and tech research for neurologoical disorders.


The auction closes at 9:45 on October 30. The pieces are available to view at the YOUR BRAIN ON ART event and gallery show on October 30, 2019:

at Contemporary Calgary

701 11 Street SW Calgary | AB



Your Brain on Art is back for 2019

A special thanks to our Foundation Sponsors who started with us in our inaugural year and are joining us for this year's event.