Nasaruni Academy – ~Technology for Nasaruni~ Fall/Winter 2019 Auction
Auction Ends: Dec 13, 2019 08:00 AM EST

The Nasaruni Academy dreams of a computer lab!

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Nasaruni Academy friends will be auctioning off a number of fun and unique items to raise money for our girl's academy to have a computer lab. 

Located in Kenya, this acdemy supports the education of young women while protecting them from early chilhood marriage. The girls are members of the local Maasai Tribe and their families see the need for education.

We are proud to share that our first graduating class of girls have just passed some rather large tests to prove they are ready for high school.  They await funding as they will need to attend  high school outside of the Nasaruni campus.  Esitmated costs are about $550 per year for each girl. There are 8 girls. Please message us if you or a group you are a member of can support a girl's tuition.

You can support us in three ways:

1-  Pray that we can continue to educate the girls and grow to meet their needs.

2- Show your support for this auction by clicking on the "Donate Items" button to contribute to our catalog. Contact us for more information.

3- Give a bid to help us get going! We have some really unique items that would make wonderful gifts with a great story behind them!


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