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  1. TWZ_Group$2,501
  2. bw4f30371$1,750
  3. AMTECH$1,500
  4. eh9335edc$500
  5. ap633a8ee$500
  6. mm6e60658$500
  7. trae20cb7$500
  8. pl62c65f4$500
  9. agce0c99e$25
  10. dcbf84181$25
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The CHEO-OPOLY Fundraiser Event is now Open!

The PCL/ED CHEO-OPOLY Auction 2020 is now open. The auction will run from November 16, 2020 to December 20, 2020, with proceeds going to CHEO Foundation in order to meet the increasing demand for children's mental health research and counselling, ultrasound machines to aid cancer treatment, 3D printers for audiology, botox injections for children diagnosed with complex medical needs, and much more. To read more about the significance of your contributed bids to the children, please visit our main website at

In addition to benefiting the children and families in the communities where we live, work, and play, this initiative is designed to create networking connections between local companies. It may also lead to future partnerships in projects, and it provides participating companies with the opportunity to advertise what they have accomplished.

The Concept, Explained:

PCL/ED has created a custom Monopoly game board to raise money for the CHEO foundation, where the tiles will be projects that the joint venture company have delivered or are delivering around the Ottawa area and surrounding region.

Suppliers and trade contractors who have worked with PCL/ED are invited to bid on these tiles in an online silent auction to get their company logo and name printed on them. After the bidding has closed, the final board design will be printed through a third party and sent out to everyone who participated. The names of all bidding companies will be included in the centre of the board.