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Auction Ends: May 21, 2021 05:00 PM EDT

Top Bidders

  1. mfr40$1,500
  2. sk979a1a7$825
  3. Kyburz_Family$700
  4. dontknowme$559
  5. NYDEMA$365
  6. fc900dbb0$355
  7. sl6f04b09$300
  8. Whathaveidone$298
  9. ktdac6e53$285
  10. km4705120$260
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Blessed Sacrament School - Mini Online Auction

Starting on May 10, 2021, Blessed Sacrament School will be auctioning off a number of fun and unique items to bid on to raise money for our school. As we continue to celebrate our 85th year, all donations received will go towards providing excellence in Catholic education. Online donations are always accepted and appreciated!

Contact our Director of Advancement, Beth Fitzgerald, to discuss how you can support our school!

Beth Fitzgerald
(336)570-0019 x215

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