Auction Ends: Sep 1, 2021 10:00 PM CDT

One-time only!

Get it while we've got it!

Never to be available again!

Ready to take a walk down Memory Lane?

a stroll back in time?

to turn the pages back to your teens?

Now is your chance.

We are dusting off the old shelves and offering the extra yearbooks to our alumni.

St. John Yearbooks are $10 each and Hanson Yearbooks are $20 each. Unfortunately, we have to charge $10 per book for shipping (Priority Mail in a bubble envelope) and card processing fees, so the totals will be $20 and $30.

This is the ONLY way we are selling these books and, once they are gone, they are gone. No holds, no saves, no "check's in the mail." This website is the only way to purchase these old yearbooks.

Please don't call the schools to ask about these yearbooks - this sale is being handled completely by volunteers and our school secretaries have enough work on their plate.

Here's how this works:

Each individual book is listed as its own auction item. If we have 5 copies of a book, there will be 5 separate listings.

The minimum bid is the same as the "Buy It Now" price so go ahead and click that option.

Your order is complete when you check out. If you wait to check out, the book may be purchased by someone else. You can buy multiple books at a time.

Once they're gone, they're gone!