Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation – Connor Cures Gourmet Food & Wine Event
Auction Ends: Jun 10, 2013 09:00 PM EDT

Live Event

Mon Jun 10, 2013

The Wine Kitchen

7 S. King St. Leebsurg, VA 20175

Connor Cures is hosting a fundraising Wine & Gourmet Food Event at the Wine Kitchen in Leesburg, Virginia!

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If you click on this on a mobile phone, you need to scroll to the bottom and click on view full site.  It also unfortunately doesn't let you go to buy tickets unless you are already logged in - yes, we are working to fix this with bidding for good! :) 

Because of this, we are extending online purchases until 1:00PM. 

Another option that might make it easier:  You can also email us at and pay through paypal.  Just tell us what tickets you want and send us your paypal username and we can send you a request for pay.

Thanks again for all of the continued support.





On Monday, June 10th, Connor Cures will be hosting a wine dinner at the Wine Kitchen in Leesburg, Virginia.  They are one of our favorite places to go out on a date.

Tickets for Food and a single wine tasting of two wines of sommelier's choice (red or white options available) are $53 each.

$53 per ticket was selected to honor the 46 children per school day diagnosed with cancer plus the 7 children per day who die from cancer.  (For those paying with credit card, we are adding $3 per ticket to cover the costs of credit card fees.)

Additional drink tickets will be available for $9 prior to the event and $10 at the event.

There are a very limited number of tickets available (less than 50), so please sign up quicky - the food is amazing, the wine is wonderful and all proceeds will go to help Connor Cure Cancer.

Sponsor Our Mission!

1. Cure Pediatric Cancer by raising money to fund early clinical development of promising therapies for the treatment of children with cancer.

2. Unite many of the pediatric brain cancer foundations to create a cohesive voice in the fight against pediatric cancer.

3. Bring awareness to the lack of funding for pediatric cancer research.

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