Now, more than ever, we need you!
Auction Ends: May 18, 2020 10:00 PM CDT

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Roycemore School's Annual Auction and Scholarship Event is VIRTUALLY AMAZING! 

The Circus train was delayed, but that won't stop the fun, we need YOU to make it happen! 

ROYCEMORE SCHOOL will be auctioning off a number of fun and unique items to bid on to raise money for our organization - and the more items we have the more money we can raise, so we're asking for your help.

Funds raised will directly benefit Roycemore’s Scholarship and Financial Aid Program. Nearly half of Roycemore Students receive financial aid. This commitment has stood since Roycemore was formed. A commitment for all children to have the chance to find their specific strengths, and to learn new ones. Roycemore is a place for those who are curious, who need space to stretch their minds, who soak up the individualized attention we are able to give with small class sizes. Tonight economic barriers can be lifted. Every dollar raised will help. Every single one.

Join our live event at 5:00 CST on Saturday, May 16, 2020!

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Now, more than ever we are learning the value of our community as our faculty diligently pivot to remote learning, our leaders are tirelessly staying ahead of the trends and pivoting on a dime. There is no question that these are interesting times, but there is also no question that our community can make a difference and our students will make a difference. We just need a little help from our friends.