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Help Save Lives ... Support Magical Music for Life's Southern California "Adventures" & Broadway Memorabilia Post-TUNES IN TIMES SQUARE Auction ... and Help Stop Children From Drowning

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Magical Music for Life Foundation presented its seventh annual TUNES IN TIMES SQUARE benefit concert Sunday, May 6th on Broadway in Times Square. The purpose of this high-energy concert was to better children's lives through live-changing and life-saving music and programs.  At the concert we introduced our free water safety album songs, fostered awareness of our music and free touring shows for  children, and to raised financial support for our ongoing outreach and production of free music for children with autism and special needs worldwide.  The event was a continuous sing-a-thon where preselected, talented children and groups performed on the same stage as Broadway actors and the Magical Music singing groups. 

Leading up to the live event we had many items that were only offered in our online auction.  Some of the activities in Southern California and Broadway memorabilia did not meet the minimum bid.  We are offering these items at a reduced bid price in this post-TUNES IN TIMES SQUARE auction. 

For more information about Magical Music for Life / the event or to make a donation, go to our Magical Music for Life website.


While music is magic therapy for us all, it can make the difference between withdrawal and awareness for those with special needs.  Lyrical melodies, rhythms, and harmonies can elicit a response in children that stimulates learning, promotes responsiveness, encourages communication, and fosters growth.  When used to empower and evoke connectedness in children with autism and special needs, music is truly transformative.

Magical Music is thrilled that the funds raised at last year’s TUNES IN TIMES SQUARE enabled us to start production of a new album for water safety and basic swimming skills and continue touring our show, A Day in the Life of a Child: Musical Revue, based on our album by the same name that is a collection of free downloadable original songs written especially for children with special needs and autism to schools, libraries, etc.  Our goal is to provide children of all abilities with music that engages and transforms the way they understand themselves, others, and the world around them.

This year, in addition to fundraising to continue and expand our on-going programs available at no charge to serve the specific needs of therapists, parents, and children and as an accessible resource for people everywhere, we are seeking funds to complete and do outreach for our new, much-needed water safety & swimming skills album.  Employing the same effective musical techniques as our A Day in the Life of a Child, we are producing an album that will save young children's lives.  Drowning is the leading cause of death for typical children under age 4 and austistic children to age 14 and it is the second leading cause of death for typical chldren under the age 14.  For every child who dies from drowning, another 5 receive emergency department care for nonfatal submersion injuries (e.g. severe brain damage).

We NEED to and CAN make a difference.

“What a wonderful gift to the special needs community!!  With clever lyrics and great melodies, these songs hold the Magic of Music in the way they bring important skills to every child.  I hope that parents and educators the world over will download this music and encourage their friends to do the same!!“ ~ Karen Nisenson, Arts for Healing

If you want to help us make a difference and save lives for children worldwide, we hope that you will consider making a donation or bid on our auction items.




Magical Music for Life, founded in 1999, is a nonprofit charitable organization whose mission is to better the lives of children through the impactful and extraordinary power of music.  We accomplish this by developing and producing a wide range of musical projects that deliver positive, inspirational, and educational messages to children and their families.  Through our songs, performances, and projects our goal is to engage children and transform the way they understand themselves, others, and the world around them.

These projects include four family musicals (The Adventures of Zak, A Day in the Life of a Child: Musical Revue, Two Little Snowflakes, and Russell, the Hermit Crab), which have been performed in professional theaters, schools, libraries, & hospitals throughout the northeast.  MMFL has written songs for several national well-known charities and children with special needs and autism.  They have performed at such venues as The White House, United Nations for the first World Autism Awareness Day, Citi Field Stadium, Tribeca Film Festival, and Times Square.  Most of the MMFL performances and songs are available at no charge to everyone attending and at

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