GEFFEN PLAYHOUSE INC – Backstage at the Geffen - 2019
Auction Ends: May 18, 2019 06:00 PM PDT

Online Auction Now Open! Your chance to bid on once-in-a-lifetime deals and experiences.

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Backstage at the Geffen Online Auction is now open. 

The auction will run from April 10th to May 19th with the live event taking place on Sunday, May 19, 2019 (Online bidding closes as of 6 pm PST on Saturday, May 18th).

Proceeds support the Geffen Playhouse's Education and Community Engagement Programs that will bring free theater arts programs to disadvantaged students, youth, seniors, veterans and community members.  This past season alone we served more than 15,000 community members. 

Please tell your friends, family, and colleagues.

Let the bidding begin!

Make Your Bid to Support the Geffen Playhouse!

Now is your chance to not only get one-of-a-kind experiences and gifts, but also to do it knowing you are helping bring the inspiration, hope and power of the arts to more than 15,000 disadvantaged children, youth, adults and seniors across Los Angeles County.

Get ready to bid!

One of the best things about participating is that you get when you give. All you have to do is bid! From incredible trips to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, this is the place to get in on all the auction action!