Auction Ends: Dec 6, 2015 11:59 PM EST
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50 WEEKS OF BUILDING AND 2 WEEKS OF BIDDING: the Shambhala Sun Foundation Annual Online Auction

In the 50 weeks that the auction's not happening we're involved in building the catalog: jewelry, art, program attendance, vacation and retreat stays, unique experiences, meditation and yoga materials, signed and unsigned books, audio recordings, lessons, music, DVDs, and more.

The catalog is the heart of the event. It's grown significantly from 34 items in 2006 to more than 450 items last year, along the way becoming a much anticipated end-of-year event for bidders, donors, and Foundation alike - all of whom enjoy and share in its success. 

If you wish to make an item donation it's a tremendous way of showing support. Just drop me a line.

Cindy Littlefair

Auction Coordinator

(Photo: Dzogchen Beara: One Week's Rest and Renewal in Southwest Ireland)



The Annual Online Auction: Where Giving, Receiving, and Enjoying Meet

We hope that you, like us, find the auction an enjoyable way to support our efforts: every purchase you make benefits the Foundation's ongoing work. Both Buddhadharma: the Practitioner's Quarterly and Mindful magazine are examples of the types of initiative the Shambhala Sun has been able to mount with the assistance of fundraising. The proceeds from this auction will be directed similarly.

We are tremendously grateful to auction donors - the advertisers, contributing artists and writers, and supporters - whose generosity in each of our nine years has allowed us to present this auction. 

About the Shambhala Sun Foundation

The Shambhala Sun, the most widely read Buddhist-based magazine in North America, and Buddhadharma: The Practitioner's Quarterly, an in-depth journal of Buddhist teachings, are published by the Shambhala Sun Foundation--an independent non-profit operating in the United States and Canada. The Shambhala Sun Foundation has a deep commitment to presenting the perspectives of all genuine Buddhist traditions through its publications and other ventures.