Vietnamese Friendship Association – VFA's 40th Birthday
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B i r t h d a y   W i s h l i s t

Every year, we serve approximately 250-300 recently arrived refugee and immigrant youth and families. If you would like to give us a birthday present, our 40th wishlist is below with examples of what your donation could help to make possible.

$5 - 15 round trip youth bus tickets

$10 - Saturday school lunch for a student and their parent/guardian

$25 - A month's worth of snacks for one student in our after school program

$50 - 2 grocery gift cards for families during winter break

$100 - One guest speaker for our students e.g. self-defence class

$250 - One month of case management for a newly arrived family

$400 - Saturday school lunch for students, families, volunteers and staff

$600 - One career exploration field trip for 20 students

$750 - One week of travel home for 50 students after Project RISE programs

$1,000 - 1 year's worth of work study support

$1,600 - Two stipends for a job readiness training student

$2,500 - A month and a half of family engagement coordination

$5,000 -1 week's worth of full staff program coordination

$10,000 - A year's worth of technology access for Project RISE students and families

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