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Making a cash donation to "Friends of Ruwenzori Foundation" is a great way to support our fundraising effort. We greatly appreciate any donation you are able to make. Donations are tax deductible contributions.

Every dollar you donate goes to support projects operated by KIDA, our partner in Uganda. Select a donation amount below or choose Other and enter your own amount. Your donation will be charged to your selected credit card. Thank you for your support!

FUND A NEED items:
$750 - One Year of Vocational Training
In addition to providing healthcare services, KIDA also helps approximately 50 local residents each year build the skills they need to earn an income and provide for their family. This is how much it costs for KIDA to operate one of its four training programs -- hairdressing, building, tailoring or carpentry -- for an entire year! This program is vital in KIDA's efforts to reduce extreme poverty.
$500 - Two months of a nurse’s salary
Nurses are the lifeblood of KIDA hospital! KIDA’s many staff nurses and midwives are the ones who counsel and educate patients, care for wounds and infections, administer medications vaccinations and HIV tests, and care for mothers who deliver their babies in the hospital. While the burden of disease is high in Uganda, the supply of nurses is low. Your gift helps keep them at a rural hospital like KIDA.
$250 - One term of boarding school for a vulnerable girl
KIDA has identified particular girls for boarding school, those who have to walk long distances to school and are vulnerable to harassment by predatory men. Three terms a year costs $750 per girl. Teenage girls and young women are the highest risk group for HIV infection in the Ruwenzori foothills.  They are also at risk for death and complications in childbirth if they get pregnant, and for a life of extreme poverty. 24% of the mothers who deliver at KIDA Hospital are teenagers. Boarding school has educational advantages as well, including safe well-lighted rooms to study in the evening and less distraction from family and younger siblings at home.
$100 - One C-Section Delivery
Ugandan women have an average of six babies in their lifetime, and have traditionally delivered their babies at home. If there are complications, the mother or the baby could die -- often leaving several children behind. KIDA has worked hard to encourage local women, especially those at risk or HIV positive, to deliver their babies in the KIDA hospital, where an emergency C-section can be performed if there are complications. This life-saving emergency surgery costs only $100 – a tiny fraction of the cost for a C-section in the U.S.
$50 - One Nurse Visit to a Remote Village
The local people in the Ruwenzori foothills know little about hygiene and do not get enough nutrients in their diets. And because many villagers have never had access to a doctor, they will wait until an injury or illness becomes life-threatening before coming to KIDA. This places a heavy burden on hospital resources, and tragically, it is often too late to save the patient’s life. KIDA sends its nurses to provide vaccinations and educate people about nutrition, sanitation, HIV prevention, the benefits of delivering babies in the hospital, and how to avoid getting sick in the first place.
$25 - One School Kit for a Vulnerable Child
Every year a child stays in school improves their future earning potential and the success of their
family, especially for girls. Students in rural Uganda can only go to school if they have pencils and notebooks to copy information from the chalkboard, which makes education out of reach for many orphans and other vulnerable children. School kits also include things like soap, kerosene for lamps, shoe polish and sanitary pads for the girls.