Advocacy and Caring for Children – Labor of Love 2020
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Thank you, your tax-deductible cash donation to Advocacy and Caring for Children is a great way to support our fundraising effort. We greatly appreciate any donation you are able to make.

Every dollar you donate goes to support funding of our mission to  provide care and advocate for children and families in need. Our auction proceeds, along with any additional cash donations we receive are used in part to help with 2020 Spring Grant Requests. ACC's grant funding committee meets in April to award grants to organizations that meet our mission requirements. Most will receive full or partial grant funding.  

Our Mission

Advocacy and Caring for Children (ACC), a volunteer association, provides care, funding and advocacy for Western Washington children and families in need, regardless of race or creed.

Advocacy and Caring for Children (ACC) is a group of committed women who support a network of programs focused on the needs of underserved children and families in an effort to improve their quality of life. For over 100 years, ACC members have remained faithful to the needs of children and families by providing financial and volunteer resources through steadfast partnerships with organizations across Western Washington. 

Originating in 1918, ACC is one of the oldest women’s Catholic charities in Western Washington. 

ACC’s leading causes include: family services, education, immigration and more.
ACC has supported over 40 agencies with $1.5 million in just the last decade, and more over the course of its century-long history.
ACC has 14 circles and 300 members actively volunteering and fundraising.
Catholic Community Services, the largest private social service agency in the State of Washington, was created as a direct result of the work of the women of ACC.

Who we fund:

ACC funded over $129,000 in grants fall 2019 fiscal year. It's our goal to fund close to $100,000 during the spring 2020 grant period. We expect to fund during our fiscal 2019-20 year over twenty five agencies in Western Washington.
ACC recognizes that well-supported families, women, and children are crucial for healthy communities.
ACC grants funds semi-annually through a formal grant application process.
Network of programs that are recipient of ACC grants include: Youth Tutoring Program, Pregnancy and Parenting Support, Sacred Heart Shelter, Adoption Services King County, CCS Child and Family Counseling, Emergency Assistance CCS King and South King County.
Total served by category 2018-19:

  • Children and Families : 10,750 : 66%  of served : $40,500 : 29% of grants funded
  • Education and Emergency Services : 2525 : 15% : $47,000 : 34% of grants funded
  • Adoption and Immigration : 413: 2.5% : $27,500 : 19.7% of grants funded
  • Infant Care – Specialty Services: 2647 : 16% : $24,000 : 17.2% of grants funded

Donations, fundraising and financial support from association members and supporters has enabled ACC to fund over 2.8 million dollars to the very needy through the many services listed on our website. Any donation you make helps us fulfill these requests. Clilck here for review of agencies.

Please enter in the amount you can pledge below along with any comments you have. Your donation will be charged to your credit card. Thank you for your support!

Advocacy and Caring for Children / Labor of Love Auction Committee

Advocacy and Caring for Children Tax ID # 91-0755924 is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. All gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law