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Your Match for a Year (MFA) donation will make a BIG difference in the lives of Beaver County youth! It costs us approximately $1,500/year to support a match. From recruiting and interviewing to background checks and monthly match support, BBBS staff work hard to ensure that youth are protected and Bigs are well-trained to enjoy a long-lasting, positive experience.

Now, more than ever, youth need the influence of trustworthy, caring adults who are willing to invest their time and energy to defend the potential inherent in young people. The impact a Big Brother, Big Sister or Big Couple could have on a Little's life is immeasurable. But, Littles tell us that having a Big helps to change a child's life for the better, forever:

Despite the barriers they face, 94% of Littles said they have a lot or some confidence they will achieve their goals.

93% of Littles said to have adults who care and look out for them is very important to helping them achieve their goals.

80% of Littles said they feel their Bigs help them a lot.

Your donation, in any amount, would be most appreciated by the Big Brothers staff, Board of Directors, and clients. Don?t hesitate to make a Big difference in the life of a child.

I want to:

______ Support a match for a year! ($1,500)

______ Support a match for the school year! ($1,000)

______ Support a match for half of a year ($750)

______ Make a BIG difference in the life of a Little Brother or Sister ($500)

______ Invest in a mentoring relationship ($250)

______ Do my part to promote mentorship ($100)

______ Help to defend the potential of youth ($50)

______ Empower a child to rise above his circumstances ($25)