ATTLEBORO ARTS MUSEUM – 19th Annual Benefit Art Auction
Auction Ends: Nov 3, 2010 11:59 PM EDT

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Autumn Fire 101 Don Swavely $250USD CLOSED
Salsa Guitar 102 Nancy Pollock $1,200USD $400USD CLOSED
Red Tulip #2 103 Lindsay Nygaard $600USD $200USD CLOSED
Texas Millipede #2 104 Lindsay Nygaard $850USD CLOSED
"Evening,Nauset Light Cape Cod" 105 Peter A. Campbell $1,000USD CLOSED
Window #49, the Sea 106 Maira Reinbergs $600USD CLOSED
Autumn Heron 107 gretchen schaefer $500USD CLOSED
Don't get cocky 108 Karole Nicholson $100USD CLOSED
Hen Pecked 109 Karole Nicholson $350USD CLOSED
Reverie 111 Claudia Waters $900USD CLOSED
Title: "Building Walls' 112 Peter A. Campbell $400USD CLOSED
Monhegan Island Maine 113 Lynne Friedman $1,600USD CLOSED
Cafe on the Piazza-Prato, Italy 114 Lynne Friedman $1,200USD CLOSED
Geranium Dance 115 Mary Taylor $350USD CLOSED
RedMarsh3 116 Dorothy Simpson Krause $1,200USD CLOSED
Bouquest 117 Clare Asch $400USD $134USDSOLD CLOSED
Marshall Point 2 118 barbara gordon $400USD $134USD CLOSED
Wedding Kimono 119 Michael Evans $400USD $134USD CLOSED
Now We Dance 120 Laura Harvey $350USD CLOSED
An Asian Water Cover 121 Bobbi Mastrangelo $250USD CLOSED
"A Japanese Cover" 122 Bobbi Mastrangelo $250USD $84USD CLOSED
Fortress, Bukhara 123 Judith Uehling $350USD CLOSED
Laveau 124 Scott Francoeur $500USD CLOSED
Untitled 125 Tracey Maroni $375USD CLOSED
Small Bouquet 126 Lisa Kretchman $125USD $42USDSOLD CLOSED
Rose Garden at Capron Park 127 Lisa Kretchman $150USD CLOSED
Edged 128 Linda Cordner $550USD CLOSED
"Design with Curvy Shapes" 129 Jack Miles $75USD CLOSED
"Pantheon" 131 Jack Miles $75USD $30USD CLOSED
Point Judith, Skies Clearing 132 Kristi Johnston $350USD $117USD CLOSED
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