ATTLEBORO ARTS MUSEUM – 19th Annual Benefit Art Auction
Auction Ends: Nov 3, 2010 11:59 PM EDT

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
"Evening,Nauset Light Cape Cod" 105 Peter A. Campbell $1,000USD CLOSED
Family Photo Session 218 alicia schneider $250USD CLOSED
Fenway Tulips 196 Katherine Honey $225USD CLOSED
Fiber Flowers 2 Summer 209 Lyn Slade $400USD CLOSED
First Blooms of Spring 136 Colleen M. Vandeventer $575USD CLOSED
Florida Series #2 148 Sue Butler $300USD $190USDSOLD CLOSED
Foliage Cuff 149 Toni Cardoza $150USD $50USD CLOSED
Fortress, Bukhara 123 Judith Uehling $350USD CLOSED
French Cow 143 Bernie Aronson $775USD CLOSED
French Cows in Normandy 142 Bernie Aronson $975USD CLOSED
Friendship, Maine 144 Linda Alger $300USD CLOSED
Geranium Dance 115 Mary Taylor $350USD CLOSED
Girl With Blue Shawl 159 Annette Buonanno Needle $950USD CLOSED
Gloucester Roses 194 Bill Noble $350USD CLOSED
Golden Trumpet 151 Richard Harrington $600USD CLOSED
Graphic Design Services 232 David Coulter $350USD CLOSED
Hen Pecked 109 Karole Nicholson $350USD CLOSED
Hidden Forest 146 Evelyn Bernal $400USD CLOSED
Hoffer #9 220 Stacy Leeman $350USD CLOSED
Homeward 223 Hiroko Lee $350USD CLOSED
house 1 162 Irma Cerese $600USD CLOSED
Hummingbird Vibration 168 Nancy Aleo $1,000USD CLOSED
July NE - Sea - Town -Scape 208 Andrew Sloan $650USD CLOSED
Just Desserts 207 Abby Rovaldi $75USD CLOSED
Kandi Heartz 155 Paul Krewko $150USD CLOSED
Lake Abiquiu 187 Alice Merlone $200USD CLOSED
Lakeville Birches 185 Ben Macomber $250USD CLOSED
Landscape #109 215 Stephen Silver $450USD CLOSED
Late Night 243 Betsy Cameron Fine $199USD CLOSED
Laveau 124 Scott Francoeur $500USD CLOSED
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