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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
"Joshua" - 20" x 25" Textile 184 Joan's Designer Mutts $800USD $270USDSOLD CLOSED
Stubby Painting by Blue Collar Art Works 109 $800USD $220USDSOLD CLOSED
Devin - 11" x 14" Acrylic on Canvas Board 206 Lani Woods Fine Art $900USD $220USDSOLD CLOSED
COMMISSIONED One-of-a-Kind Paper Pet 209 Melissa Ferraier $500USD $210USDSOLD CLOSED
CUSTOM 16" x 16" Acrylic Pet Portrait of your pet by Ashley Reid 117 Ashley Reid $185USD $200USDSOLD CLOSED
CUSTOM - Lintu Art Style Commissioned Oil Painting by Sarah Thornton, Lintu Art 237 $450USD $185USDSOLD CLOSED
CUSTOM Original Watercolor Portrait of One Pet - 7" x 10" 224 Dogs Rule - Susan Ritz Art $175USD $177USDSOLD CLOSED
CUSTOM - Canvas Pet Portrait by Dyanna Bruno 114 My Paw Portrait - Dyana Bruno $550USD $170USDSOLD CLOSED
Funny Valentine by Heather Lahaise 222 Heather Lahaise $75USD $161USDSOLD CLOSED
CUSTOM - Illustration of Your Pet - 20" x 24" - Glenn Pierce 185 Glenn Pierce $500USD $160USDSOLD CLOSED
Johnny Justice Collector's Print 150 The Puppy Sketchers $100USD $120USDSOLD CLOSED
"Blue Pony" 136 Cindy Hale $65USD $120USDSOLD CLOSED
CUSTOM - Doggie Drawings - Portrait of Your Pet 123 Doggie Drawings by Lili Chin $100USD $115USDSOLD CLOSED
CUSTOM Portrait of your pet - 16" x 20" by Rescue Me! Pet Portraits 105 Rescue Me! Pet Portraits $100USD $110USDSOLD CLOSED
"True Blue" inspired by Bad Rap's Clover 134 Pet PawTraits by nikki solone $500USD $100USDSOLD CLOSED
"The Waiting Game" by Leah Graham Hounds of Appalachia 175 $100USD $100USDSOLD CLOSED
Pit Bull Print Illustration #1 11" x 14" 225 Photo Lab Pet Photography / Design Lab Creative Studio $300USD $100USDSOLD CLOSED
CUSTOM - Ceramic Sculpture of your pet 119 Jings Ceramics $400USD $100USDSOLD CLOSED
"Real Men Rescue" - 16" x 22" - Gallery Wrapped Canvas 143 PhoDographer - Carolyn Evans $175USD $95USDSOLD CLOSED
The Photo Book Project 141 Melissa McDaniel - The Photo Book Projects $125USD $86USDSOLD CLOSED
CUSTOM - Portrait of your pet by Christopher Harden, BadlyDrawnArt 207 Badly Drawn Dog $150USD $85USDSOLD CLOSED
Custom Watercolor by Amy Broadwell 249 Amy Broadwell $450USD $80USDSOLD CLOSED
CUSTOM "Rocky Warhol" of Your Pet - 5" x 5" 223 Arthur's Plaid Pants $60USD $75USDSOLD CLOSED
CUSTOM Pet Painting of one pet - 16" x 20" by Stephanie Conrad, The Pet Studio 229 The Pet Studio - Stephanie Conrad $110USD $75USDSOLD CLOSED
Speedracer Canvas - from Norfolk SPCA 125 Dog House Pet Portraits $150USD $70USDSOLD CLOSED
PIt Bull Awareness Day Print - Limited Edition 149 The Puppy Sketchers $80USD $70USDSOLD CLOSED
CUSTOM Portrait - 20" x 20" acrylic on canvas by Whitney Coolidge, PetPaint Studio 231 $80USD $70USDSOLD CLOSED
Amy Ranier Photography 242 $125USD $70USDSOLD CLOSED
10" x 13" Painting with Recyled Wood Frame 187 Skull Soup $150USD $70USDSOLD CLOSED
Smilin' Pit Bull on canvas 146 WOOF Factory Dog Art $45USD $65USDSOLD CLOSED
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