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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Adorable Doggy Festive Winter Sweater Size Small 612 Jenn Treadway $12USD $18USDSOLD CLOSED
Assorted Dog Toys and Chews 290 Laura Coulombe $25USD $25USDSOLD CLOSED
Assortment of Dog Toys and Chews 291 Laura Coulombe $20USD $20USDSOLD CLOSED
Belly Band for Male Dogs - Camo Wizzer by Susan Lanci Made of Ultrasuede 122 Anonymous $17USD $18USDSOLD CLOSED
Black and Tan Dachshund Water Bottle Dog Toy 231 $10USD $20USDSOLD CLOSED
Booda Small Combos Two Ropes In One Dog Toy 233 $10USD $5USDSOLD CLOSED
Cherry Towel Cuddle Cave Perfect for Bath Time 139 Laura Lynch $35USD $15USDSOLD CLOSED
Christmas Soft Harness Small Dog 601 Jenn Treadway $20USD $12USDSOLD CLOSED
Custom Made Dog Steps Stairs 115 Rachel Gibson Priceless $190USDSOLD CLOSED
Doggie Tank Shirt With Attitude! 604 Jenn Treadway $10USD $5USDSOLD CLOSED
Doggles Reflective Mesh Harness Red and Black Size XS 120 Anonymous $22USD $15USDSOLD CLOSED
Doggy Small Snowflake Thermal Top New! 607 Jenn Treadway $13USD $12USDSOLD CLOSED
Dog Hoodie Sweatshirt "I Tried To Be Good" You Pick Size 324 Dodger's List , Brenda Johnson $20USD $10USDSOLD CLOSED
Dog Oral Hygiene Set Lot of 3 Packs Toothbrushes 580 Jenn Treadway $20USD CLOSED
DreamSack Cuddle Cave for Dogs Cotton and Sheepskin for Burrowers 347 Dachshund Delights $50USD $55USDSOLD CLOSED
Gift Certificate from PetExpertise.com 112 PetExpertise.com $25USD $18USDSOLD CLOSED
Girly Dog Sweaters, New XS, Lot of 3! 532 Jenn Treadway $20USD $12USDSOLD CLOSED
Halloween Dog Costume Dress Medium NWT! 593 Jenn Treadway $15USD CLOSED
Handcrafted Dog Leash The Dachshund Family Whimsical and Fun 326 The Sewing Dog $28USD $19USDSOLD CLOSED
Handcrafted Patriotic Puppy Pocket Great for Snuggly Dogs 102 Puppy Pockets by Cynthia $30USD $57USDSOLD CLOSED
Hand Crafted Small Dog Collar Dachshunds 5/8" wide 327 The Sewing Dog $18USD $9USDSOLD CLOSED
Hand Crafted Small Dog Collar Sausage Dogs Dachshunds 5/8" wide 328 The Sewing Dog $18USD $19USDSOLD CLOSED
Handmade Blue Dachshund Cotton Collar 14" Long 202 $15USD $15USDSOLD CLOSED
Handmade Christmas Colors Polka Dot Cloud Pet Dog Bed - Pure Luxury! 325 The Sewing Dog $50USD $25USDSOLD CLOSED
Handmade Christmas Stockings and Leopard Ruffled Harness Vest for Dog / Dachshund 271 Gracie's Paw Prints $20USD $20USDSOLD CLOSED
Handmade Dog Collar 13" Long Leopard Print for Small Dog 197 $15USD $5USDSOLD CLOSED
Handmade Dog Collar Dachshunds with Butterflies 14" 203 $15USD $15USDSOLD CLOSED
Handmade Dog Collar Hearts and Flowers Design 11" long 198 $15USD $10USDSOLD CLOSED
Handmade Dog Collar Pastel Puppies 14" 204 $15USD $10USDSOLD CLOSED
Handmade Dog Collar Planes Boats and Cars 15" long for Medium dog 199 $15USD $5USDSOLD CLOSED
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