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MATISSE, Henri - 105 ITEMS (1 - 30)

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
"Zorah On The Terrace" by Matisse 1863 $150USD CLOSED
"Young Woman Playing Violin" by Matisse 1862 $150USD CLOSED
"Young Woman In White" by Matisse 1541 $150USD CLOSED
"Young Woman In The Garden" by Matisse 1861 $150USD CLOSED
"Young Woman At the Window" by Matisse 1540 $150USD CLOSED
"Young Girl In A Green Dress" by Matisse 1859 $150USD CLOSED
"Yellow Odalisque" by Henri Matisse 1857 $150USD CLOSED
"Woman w/Green Parasol" by Matisse 1537 $150USD CLOSED
"Woman Seated At Armchair" by Matisse 1536 $150USD CLOSED
"Woman Reading" by Matisse 1853 $150USD CLOSED
"Woman Reading At Dressing Table" by Matisse 1876 $150USD CLOSED
"Woman In Purple Coat" by Henri Matisse 1852 $150USD CLOSED
"Woman In Green w/Carnation" by Matisse 1851 $150USD CLOSED
"Woman In Blue" by Henri Matisse 1850 $150USD CLOSED
"Woman Before A Fish Bowl" by Matisse 1534 $750USD CLOSED
"Woman At the Fountain" by Matisse 1533 $150USD CLOSED
"Two Figures Reclining.." by Matisse 1870 $150USD CLOSED
"Tulips and Oysters" by Henri Matisse 1846 $150USD CLOSED
"Trivaux Pond" by Henri Matisse 1845 $150USD CLOSED
"The Windshield" by Henri Matisse 1529 $750USD CLOSED
"The Terrace/St. Tropez" by Matisse 1841 $150USD CLOSED
"The Seated Riffian" by Matisse 1838 $150USD CLOSED
"The Romanian Blouse" by Henri Matisse 1528 $150USD CLOSED
"The Red Madras" by Matisse 1836 $150USD CLOSED
"The Plaster Torso" by Matisse 1835 $150USD CLOSED
"The Pink Studio" by Henri Matisse 1527 $150USD CLOSED
"The Piano Lesson" by Henri Matisse 1526 $150USD CLOSED
"The Painting Lesson" by Matisse 1832 $150USD CLOSED
"The Painter & His Model" by Matisse 1831 $150USD CLOSED
"The Odalisques II" by Henri Matisse 1523 $150USD CLOSED
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