Advocacy and Caring for Children – Labor of Love 2016
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Food & Gourmet Items - 39 ITEMS (1 - 30)

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
10 Dozen Christmas Cookies 121 Jo-Ann Kelly, Anna Oswald, Betty Sanders, Lynn Swick, Jackie Tamfer and Mary Welch. Priceless $320USDSOLD CLOSED
Baklava 432 Stephanie Read $30USD $50USDSOLD CLOSED
Banana Bread 158 Marilyn Price $25USD $29USDSOLD CLOSED
Banana Bread 410 Marilyn Price $25USD $30USDSOLD CLOSED
Ceramic Pie Plate and Pie 167 Judy McAteer $40USD $30USDSOLD CLOSED
Chocolate Kahlua Cheesecake 408 Janice Walters $60USD $45USDSOLD CLOSED
Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars 414 Kay Spelman $35USD $60USDSOLD CLOSED
Coconut Cake & Cake Plate 409 Janice Walters $50USD $45USDSOLD CLOSED
Cookie Dough To Go 176 Katie McKay Circle $90USD $95USDSOLD CLOSED
Cookies, Cookies, Cookies! 175 Frances Hoffman Circle Priceless $140USDSOLD CLOSED
Decadent Chocolate Cheesecake 278 Mary Roddy $40USD $30USDSOLD CLOSED
Decadent Chocolate Torte 362 Charlene Boyd $40USD $35USDSOLD CLOSED
English Tea Shop Premium Collection 431 Stephanie Read $25USD $26USDSOLD CLOSED
English Trifle Dessert 161 Shelagh Lustig $50USD $35USDSOLD CLOSED
English Trifle Dessert 162 Shelagh Lustig $50USD $35USDSOLD CLOSED
Four Dozen Homemade Cinnamon Rolls 124 Mary Lou Wickwire $150USD $100USDSOLD CLOSED
Four Months of Home Made Muffins - 1 dozen/month 157 Jackie Tamfer $60USD $45USDSOLD CLOSED
Freezer Berry Jam 359 Joan Glick $100USD $75USDSOLD CLOSED
Fresh Wenatchee Cherries - 10 pounds 351 Don & Sandy Helgeson, Gayle Kaplan $45USD $60USDSOLD CLOSED
Gluten-Free Berry Pie 316 Stephanie Read $30USD $40USDSOLD CLOSED
Gluten-Free Berry Pie 317 Stephanie Read $30USD $40USDSOLD CLOSED
Gourmet Coffee/Tea Basket 212 St. Therese of Lisieux Circle $50USD $33USDSOLD CLOSED
Homemade Apple Pie 437 Pam O'Brien $25USD $40USDSOLD CLOSED
Homemade Cherry Pie 214 Melinda Garberich $35USD $33USDSOLD CLOSED
Homemade Mud Pie 110 Sue Richards $35USD $40USDSOLD CLOSED
Homemade Mud Pie 111 Sue Richards $35USD $35USDSOLD CLOSED
Home made Soup 361 Nancy Trenbeth $75USD $70USDSOLD CLOSED
Homemade Southern Pecan Pie 439 Pam O'Brien $30USD $45USDSOLD CLOSED
Morning Glory Muffins 123 Judy McAteer $25USD $50USDSOLD CLOSED
Mother Sperry's Plum Pudding 184 Winnie Sperry $42USD $36USDSOLD CLOSED
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