The Paraclete, Inc. – South Boston Open Studios
Auction Ends: May 22, 2016 06:00 PM EDT

Art - 29 ITEMS (1 - 29)

Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
"Big Papi" by Dan McCole 31 $500USD CLOSED
"Blue Sheep Red Field" by Daniel P Roy Jr 6 $1,600USD $1,200USDSOLD CLOSED
"Boston Accent" by Jane Williams 29 $1,200USD CLOSED
"City on a Hill" by Renee Zych 13 $1,500USD CLOSED
"Crobraham Lincoln" by Sophy Tuttle 7 $400USD $250USDSOLD CLOSED
"Eye for You" by Mazing 30 $650USD CLOSED
"Falling to Pieces" by Mitch Karas 24 $400USD CLOSED
"female figure" by David Woodell 10 $300USD CLOSED
"LES" by Adam O'Day 12 $1,100USD CLOSED
"Long Legged Beast" by Rory Beerits 25 $3,000USD CLOSED
"Monumental Stones & Reflections" by Sue Kwasnick 5 $3,500USD CLOSED
"Moonshine" by Vanessa Irzyk 4 $400USD CLOSED
"Mr Greedy Bunny" by Myron Mouse Belfast 14 $900USD CLOSED
"Nena" by Heather McGrath 27 $2,000USD CLOSED
"Nike" by P.T. Sullivan 21 $975USD CLOSED
"Nos" by Joshua Hart 22 $2,000USD CLOSED
"Oceanic Connection" by Sarah Kinne 8 $1,600USD CLOSED
"One Man's Treasure" by Deb Putnam 2 $1,600USD $500USDSOLD CLOSED
"Pink Flower" by Janette Chaparro 19 $500USD CLOSED
"Refuge II" by Caoimhghin O Fraithile 28 $1,800USD CLOSED
"Regatta" by Donna Murphy Levites 9 $250USD CLOSED
"Sailing" by Ann Kerwin 16 $225USD CLOSED
"Seascape" by Aimee Belanger 11 $150USD $100USDSOLD CLOSED
"Shape seen extending off into the distance" by Jon Diotalevi 15 $500USD CLOSED
"Tunnel Vision" by Ray Kerwin 17 $225USD CLOSED
"Untitled" by Mary Sherman 18 $750USD $50USDSOLD CLOSED
"Untitled" by Susan Greer Emmerson 3 $250USD CLOSED
"Untitled" by the students of Paraclete 26 $200USD $25USDSOLD CLOSED
"vam" by Gary Coutts 23 $277USD CLOSED