American Football Association – AFA Monthly Auction November 16, 2016 thru January 06, 2017
Auction Ends: Jan 6, 2017 10:00 PM EST

Health & Fitness - 28 ITEMS (1 - 28)

Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left Lifetime Subscription 631 $300USD CLOSED Lifetime Subscription 617 $300USD CLOSED Lifetime Subscription 630 $300USD CLOSED
Chakra Pyramid Energy Generators 192 Priceless CLOSED
Earth Grounding EMF Vibrational Therapy Package 259 Priceless CLOSED
EARTH ion Pyramid - Whole Room Energy Purifier 260 Priceless CLOSED
EMF Harmonizer Snap Wrap 266 $300USD CLOSED
Healbe GoBe 307 $1,000USD CLOSED
HeartSine's Automated External Defibrillator 309 $3,000USD CLOSED
Hubry (TM) High-end Health Care neck cervical traction EMS therapy massage collar infrared 317 $900USD CLOSED
iTENS - Wearable Pain Relief from iTENS 318 CLOSED
Lumo Lift - Posture Coach and Activity Tracker 364 $400USD CLOSED
MedClinea?? Reflux Relief System 659 Priceless CLOSED
MOCAheart - Personal Heart Health Tracker (Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Blood Velocity) 396 Priceless CLOSED
Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband 402 $1,000USD CLOSED
N-Acetyl Carnosine - NAC Eye Drops (2 x 5 ml vials) 629 Priceless CLOSED
Olbas Sampler Kit 427 Priceless CLOSED
One Bottle Sprayable Energy & One Bottle Sprayable Sleep 428 American Football Association Hall of Fame $200USD CLOSED
Professional Cupping Set *Made in Korea* (17 Cups) with Extension Tube 466 $500USD CLOSED
Rejiva monitors your total health 475 Priceless CLOSED
RestOn: More Than A Sleep Monitor 477 $1,000USD CLOSED
Skulpt Aim: The Ultimate Fitness Tracker 510 $800USD CLOSED
Teeter Hang Ups EP 960 Inversion Table 541 Priceless CLOSED
The Vertebral Brace 549 Priceless CLOSED
The Willow Curve Home Laser Treatment Device 551 $2,000USD CLOSED
Vitastiq - A smart device for vital advice 584 Priceless CLOSED Lifetime Subscription 602 $300USD $50USDSOLD CLOSED
Colorado CBD OIL 500MG 628 Priceless CLOSED