Small Paws Rescue Inc. – Small Paws Rescue Fall Auction
Auction Ends: May 15, 2017 07:00 PM CDT

Estate of Donna Brown - 98 ITEMS (1 - 30)

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
6 Bichons around candle 203 Rae Steeb 135USDSOLD CLOSED
"A Bichon's Eye View" by Brooke Faulder 3091 Lori Foster 50USDSOLD CLOSED
Adjustable Harness from Coastal Pet 243 Kaye Wyly 4USDSOLD CLOSED
Barking Bakery Cookbook 3218 Cindy Leigh 40USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon and Bunny Framed Art 204 Rae Steeb 110USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon and Child Picnic 266 Small Paws Rescue 35USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon and Pup Picture Frame 262 Small Paws Rescue 65USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon and Pups Painting Sculpture 268 Small Paws Rescue 45USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon and Pups Picture 267 Small Paws Rescue 30USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Bobble Head 206 Rae Steeb 24USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Coasters 201 Rae Steeb 35USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Coasters 196 Rae Steeb 40USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Coin Bank 202 Rae Steeb 8USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Figurine 192 Rae Steeb 15USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Figurine 197 Rae Steeb 60USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Fluffy Stuffed Dog 3111 Lori Foster 26USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Frise Coin Bank 3219 Cindy Leigh 25USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Frise Dog Folk Art signed by Margaret Prince 3088 Lori Foster 50USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Frise framed painting by Anna 3086 Lori Foster 80USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Frise Head Sculpture in oval frame 3087 Lori Foster 51USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Frise Mouse Pad 3072 Lori Foster 25USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Frise Needlepoint Rug 3074 Lori Foster 75USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Frise Pillow 3075 Lori Foster 80USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Frise print by Marc Tetro 3085 Lori Foster 55USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Frise "Puppy Standing" Limited Edition Print by Martha Van Loan 104 Joanne Raus 105USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Frise Tote Bag 3071 Lori Foster 60USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Frise with red hat signed Renaud 3082 Lori Foster 25USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Frise With Smiling Moon picture 3083 Lori Foster 40USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Glass Cutting Board 208 Rae Steeb 135USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Guest Towel - Emma 3079 Lori Foster 10USDSOLD CLOSED
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