The Las Lomitas Education Foundation – LLEF Events 2017 (2)
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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
11th Annual Camino a los Cerros Progressive - April 28th, 2018 101 Stephanie & David Rudd, Stephanie and John McGrory, Marcie and Gregg Farano, Angie and Chad Harding, Rupa and Pravin Vazirani, Benita Daryani and Samir Kothari, Maylene and Andrew Lynch, MJ and Drew Crousore 95USD CLOSED
7th Annual Ladies Round Robin Tennis - October 5th, 2017 102 Liesl Noble, Wendy Malecek, Julie Herlihy, Josie Tang 85USD CLOSED
8th Annual Mother Son Bowling - November 5th, 2017 103 Caren Taylor and Stewart Lipeles, Laura & Jim Bunch, Amy Flood & Neil Cohen, Michelle Parsons, Sarah & Dave Rye, Linda & Jim McGeever, Ian McCarthy and Terra Terwilliger, Cagla and Baris Ruacan, Shane and Maggie Oren, Greg and Helen Ungerman, Eric Baldeschwieler and Aiko Yoshikawa, Beth Irwin & Vijay Laathi, Jue Lin and Shane Crehan, Melissa and Eric Almgren, Eric & Nikki Sokol, Dana and Charles Carmel, John & Jennifer Sheldon, Didi and Greg Engel, Josh Becker and Jonna Hunter, Kirsty Baker & Ian Clazie, Nevin and Jana Spieker, Baird & Elizabeth Radford, Brandon & Natalie Coupe, Mary Crousore , Aaron & Jennifer Hipple, The Henry-Hartman Family 75USD CLOSED
Incoming 1st Grade Back-to-School Bash with Hi-Five Coaches - August 22nd, 2017 106 Dana and Charles Carmel, Courtney Bianchi, Jimmy and Tracy Chesler, Amy Flood & Neil Cohen, Sarah & Dave Rye, Valerie & Eric Barnett, Ann & Cedric Lucas, Jue Lin, Kiersten & Neil Mahon, Michelle Parsons, Donna Wan & Jason Trachewsky, Terra Terwilliger & Ian McCarthy, Beth Irwin & Vijay Laathi, Rachel Bensen & Rob Kroll, Christie & Dave Parsons, Huyen Le-Fong & Neric Fong, Laura & Jim Bunch, Suzanne & Mike Kisch, Risha Henry & Edward Hartman, Molly Finn 40USD CLOSED
Incoming 2nd Grade Back-to-School Bash with Hi-Five Coaches - August 22nd, 2017 107 Troy & Brooke Kvingedal, Eric Cox & Kristina Smith, Jen and Matthew Polly, Stephanie & David Rudd, Courtney Kingston and Andy Pflaum, Jody & Ted Leng, Zsuzsi Hamburger & Mark Weinswig, Anya Chernykh & Nathan Hodges 40USD CLOSED
Incoming 3rd Grade Back-to-School Bash with Hi-Five Coaches - August 22nd, 2017 108 Shane and Maggie Oren, John & Jennifer Sheldon, Gaby Olazabal and David Weiner, Kirsty Baker & Ian Clazie, Kelley and Kevin Clugage, Elizabeth Churchill, Nikki and Eric Sokol, Tracie and Sadler Nelson, Latha & Suku Ramanathan, Poroshat Tabar & Adam Ladsdorf, Melinda Moir and Anthony Powell, John & Melody Chou, Jeff Welser & Mike Guthrie, Gus & Susie Gostyla, Molly Finn, Vanessa and Jeff Starr 40USD CLOSED
Incoming 4th/5th/6th Grade Sports Party with Hi-Five Coaches - August 22nd, 2017 109 The Almgren Family, The Asemi Family, The Becker Family, The Carmel Family, The Chesler Family, The Clugage Family, The Crousore Family, The Engel Family, The Goodman Family, Iris Kadis Hanna, The Jones Family, The Kadivar Family, The Klaus Family, The Levine Family, The Lipeles Family, The Lynch Family, The Polly Family, The Purpura Family, The Sokol Family, The Timm Family, The Ungerman Family, The Valentine Family, The Wonnacott Family, The Garrett Family, The Kothari Family 40USD CLOSED
Incoming Kindergarten Back-to-School Bash with Hi-Five Coaches - August 22nd, 2017 110 Kelley and Kevin Clugage, Laura & Jim Bunch, Anita Sidhu & Scott Witt, Carlos & Kathleen Cordero 40USD CLOSED
Kegger - Part 2!!! - April 21st, 2018 111 Rachael & Jeff Thomas, David Kelsey & Heather Sederquist, Kirsty Baker & Ian Clazie, Anne & Bob Koenig, John & Jennifer Sheldon 85USD CLOSED
Mexican Fiesta Progressive Party in University Heights - September 16th, 2017 112 Josie Tang and Mark Greenbaum, Julie Herlihy and Jeff Kinder, Tara & Gavin England, Allyson & Chris Penner, Kristina and Mike Valentine, David and Diane Appel, Paul and Abbie Goldstein 95USD CLOSED
Sweetheart Dance - October 13th, 2017 113 75USD CLOSED
Sweetheart Dance - Sibling Ticket - October 13th, 2017 114 25USD CLOSED
Ugly Sweater Holiday/Karaoke Party - December 9th, 2017 115 Stacy and Robert May, Shane and Maggie Oren, Suzanne & George Portugal, Linda & Jerry Garrett, Gabriela Ascencio de Myers & Rob Myers, Alina & Brett Halloran, Samantha & Jeremy Wood, Craig & Lori Blanchard 95USD CLOSED
Wine Blending Party - September 9, 2017 116 Jay Crim and Shekar Davarya, Shane and Maggie Oren 125USD CLOSED
Saviez Wine Dinner 118 Lynn Heublein & Neil Takacs, Margaret & Chris Romero, Linda & Jim McGeever 175USD CLOSED