Cape Cod Museum of Art – Soiree By the Bay
Auction Ends: Aug 6, 2018 10:00 PM EDT

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Amy Bourbon, "An Old Dennis House" 132 $150USD CLOSED
Amy Bourbon, Moon Pitcher & Spiral Mugs Set 149 $250USD CLOSED
Antonia DaSilva, "Docked at Menemsha -Yellow" 153 $385USD CLOSED
Cape Cod Symphony Tickets 169 $320USD CLOSED
Carl Lopes, "Rock Fish 3" 106 $3,200USD CLOSED
Carol Odell, "Round Tone Echo" 123 $1,200USD CLOSED
Cecilia Rossey, "Sparkling Light, Vanishing Sand" 127 $395USD CLOSED
Dale Michaels Wade, "Ripe" 151 $1,000USD CLOSED
Deborah Forman, "Three's Company" 111 $800USD CLOSED
Deborah Fowler Greenwood, "Shifting Sands" 145 $600USD CLOSED
Deborah Harper, "Custom Hand-Made Hat" 141 $375USD CLOSED
Dennis Allee, "Volcanic Sphere" 131 $600USD CLOSED
Don Hartmann, "Goat" 113 $150USD $50USD CLOSED
Douglas Turner, "Stage Harbor Light" 139 $1,500USD $800USD CLOSED
Douglas W. Turner, "Swan River" 148 $1,400USD CLOSED
Elaine M. Gardner, "Onions and Leeks" 112 $800USD CLOSED
Elinor Freedman, " Rocky Shore" 144 $300USD CLOSED
Gail Turner, Ceramic Hand-Made Vase 147 $140USD CLOSED
Gail Turner, Hand-Made Ceramic Vase 146 $140USD CLOSED
Gary Urgonski, "Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle" 140 $950USD CLOSED
Hiram Ball, "Arabesque" 104 $900USD CLOSED
Jen Clark, Deluxe Portrait Experience 150 $2,750USD CLOSED
Jen Clark, "Fine Portrait Certificate" 133 $500USD CLOSED
Jim Holland, "Summer Outlook" 163 $6,800USD CLOSED
JoAnn Ritter, "Chit Chat" 126 $850USD CLOSED
Joan P. Clark, "Summer Bounty" 108 $1,250USD CLOSED
Jobi Pottery & Gallery, "Light House Iced Tea Pitcher" 164 $130USD CLOSED
Joe McGurl, "Afternoon in the Marsh" 167 $4,900USD CLOSED
Joyce Zavorskas, "Ocean Paths" 129 $550USD CLOSED
Julia O'Malley-Keyes, "Quissett Harbor Overlook" 168 $6,900USD CLOSED
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