ATTLEBORO MUSEUM INC – 27th Annual Benefit Art Auction Oct. 11,2018 10:00 AM - Nov. 3, 2018 5:00 PM
Auction Ends: Oct 31, 2018 05:00 PM EDT

Painting - All Media - 102 ITEMS (1 - 30)

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
African Violet with Peaches (Ann Latham Daum) 151 Ann Latham Daum $400USD CLOSED
Ammonite (Theresa Pedrotti) 253 Theresa Pedrotti $150USD $80USD CLOSED
And Here's the Pitch (Peter A. Campbell) 122 Peter A. Campbell $1,000USD CLOSED
Arise (Karen Cobleigh) 139 Karen Cobleigh $150USD $50USD CLOSED
Autumn on the Pond (Celeste Houle) 198 Celeste Houle $400USD CLOSED
Autumn Pond (Lindsay Nygaard) 248 Lindsay Nygaard $300USD CLOSED
A View of San Gimignano, Italy (Florence Como) 144 Florence Como $395USD CLOSED
Back Eddy I (Michael Evans) 164 Michael Evans $900USD CLOSED
Barred Owl (Lindsay Nygaard) 247 Lindsay Nygaard $600USD CLOSED
Beached Boat Jumble (Lorraine Trenholm) 290 Kathy Hickman $450USD CLOSED
Best Friend (Kerry St. Pierre) 282 Kerry St. Pierre $150USD $110USD CLOSED
Best of Summer (Mary Wojciechowski) 299 Mary Wojciechowski $200USD $85USD CLOSED
Blue Mist (Ann Murdoch) 240 Ann Murdoch $300USD CLOSED
Box of Oranges with White Pitcher (Mary Kosowski) 207 Mary Kosowski $900USD CLOSED
Brenton (Paul Hitchen) 194 Paul Hitchen $850USD CLOSED
Building a History (Dianne E. Miller) 237 Dianne E. Miller $500USD $170USD CLOSED
Celebration! (Adina L. Sutton) 285 Adina L. Sutton $200USD CLOSED
Chaos in Color (Julie St. Jean) 281 Julie St. Jean $100USD CLOSED
Cherry Crop (Tim Elliott) 161 Tim Elliott $600USD CLOSED
Chilly Spring Morning (Melissa Riley) 269 Melissa Riley $150USD $75USD CLOSED
City Obscura (Christine West) 295 Christine West $600USD CLOSED
Clark Island #9 (Irma Cerese) 130 irma cerese $425USD $145USD CLOSED
Convergence #3 (Clare Asch) 105 Clare Asch $360USD CLOSED
darrow's words p10 (Stacy Leeman) 213 Stacy Leeman $650USD CLOSED
Echo Lake (Kathleen Marshall) 229 Kathleen Marshall $80USD $30USD CLOSED
E & T (Elizabeth Menges) 234 Elizabeth Menges $7,500USD CLOSED
Evening's Early Blush (Christina Beecher) 111 Christina Beecher $500USD CLOSED
Fields of Green (Melissa Riley) 268 Melissa Riley $75USD $35USD CLOSED
Fishing Shack (Florence Como) 143 Florence Como $495USD CLOSED
Floral Study in Black, White and Gray #2 (Ann-Marie Gillett) 182 Ann-Marie Gillett $150USD $50USD CLOSED
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