ATTLEBORO MUSEUM INC – 27th Annual Benefit Art Auction Oct. 11,2018 10:00 AM - Nov. 3, 2018 5:00 PM
Auction Ends: Oct 31, 2018 05:00 PM EDT

Photography - 22 ITEMS (1 - 22)

Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Antelope Canyon - Grandview (Karen Raus) 267 Margaret Wandel $450USD CLOSED
Antelope Canyon (Herman B. Brewster) 118 Herman B. Brewster $120USD $110USDSOLD CLOSED
Antelope Canyon - Windblown (Karen Raus) 266 Margaret Wandel $450USD CLOSED
Cold Flare (Ray Scanlon) 277 Ray Scanlon $200USD CLOSED
Colorful, Compact Tele (Ben Couto) 148 Ben Couto $120USD CLOSED
Curvilinear (George Lowell) 217 George Lowell $300USD CLOSED
Good Morning Lake Pearl (David Lee Black) 116 David Lee Black $175USD CLOSED
High Contrast, Low Light Glass (Ben Couto) 149 Ben Couto $120USD CLOSED
It Comes Through in Waves (Joe Rattie) 265 Joe Rattie $135USD CLOSED
July (Patrick Garriepy) 177 Patrick Garriepy $150USD CLOSED
Lady in Black (Susan Gardiner Daum) 152 Susan Gardiner Daum $275USD CLOSED
Left Behind (Shaun Martins) 230 Shaun Martins $350USD $130USD CLOSED
Mantis (Kristin Capezio) 124 Kristin Capezio $150USD CLOSED
Moon Snails (Jean Thompson) 288 Jean Thompson $120USD $40USD CLOSED
Morning Beach (Michael Perry) 257 Michael Perry $125USD CLOSED
Puerta al Pasado, Door to The Past (Connie Babian Grab) 183 Connie Babian Grab $95USD $35USD CLOSED
Reaching (3/25) (Carol Wontkowski) 300 Carol Wontkowski $350USD CLOSED
Silver Tones (Kristin Capezio) 125 Kristin Capezio $150USD CLOSED
"Stray Dog" ,Santorini, Greece (Linda DiFrenna) 154 Linda DiFrenna $250USD CLOSED
Texas Cedar (Vincent J. Ferravanti III) 168 Vincent J. Ferravanti III $100USD $72USD CLOSED
The Road Below (William D. Gibson) 180 William D. Gibson $120USD $65USD CLOSED
Water Color Abstract (Herman B. Brewster) 119 Herman B. Brewster $120USD $50USD CLOSED