Citizens of the World Mar Vista – Celebrate 2019!
Auction Ends: May 18, 2019 09:30 PM PDT

Dining - 10 ITEMS (1 - 10)

Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
$100 Gift Certificate to The Mar Vista 104 The Mar Vista $100USD $100USDSOLD CLOSED
$100 Zinque Gift Card 156 Zinqué $100USD $91USDSOLD CLOSED
$200 Tasting Kitchen Gift Certificate 105 Tasting Kitchen $200USD $190USDSOLD CLOSED
$25 Rustic Kitchen Gift Certificate 149 Rustic Kitchen $25USD $35USDSOLD CLOSED
$30 Carving Board Gift Certificate 320 $30USD $30USDSOLD CLOSED
$50 Gift Card For Pitfire Pizza 153 Pitfire Pizza $50USD $75USDSOLD CLOSED
Brunch at Casablanca Restaurant 220 $35USD $27USDSOLD CLOSED
Brunch at Casablanca Restaurant 221 $35USD $27USDSOLD CLOSED
Chef's Tasting for Two 289 Jennifer Horan $240USD $420USDSOLD CLOSED
The Fields LA Gift Card 112 The Fields LA $75USD $55USDSOLD CLOSED