ATTLEBORO MUSEUM INC – 28th Annual Benefit Art Auction
Auction Ends: Oct 30, 2019 05:00 PM EDT

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
$100 Donation - Permanent Collection 223 $100USD CLOSED
$100 Donation - Support for Art Supplies 226 $100USD CLOSED
12 Piece Nativity Scene (The Grail Pottery - Grailville Ohio) 108 Mary Coogan $150USD $50USD CLOSED
15 Artists (Mike Allen) 15 Mike Allen $300USD CLOSED
$200 Colonel Blackinton Inn Gift Certificate 160 Carol & Charles O'Neill $200USD $200USDSOLD CLOSED
$25 Donation - Permanent Collection 221 $25USD CLOSED
$25 Donation - Support for Art Supplies 224 $25USD CLOSED
3 Piece Nesting Bowls (Tracy Korneffel) 99 Tracy Korneffel $50USD $55USD CLOSED
$50 Donation - Permanent Collection 222 $50USD CLOSED
$50 Donation - Support for Art Supplies 225 $50USD CLOSED
6 Blown Glass Teardrop Ornaments (Elias Studios) 70 Elias Studios $150USD $85USD CLOSED
6 Mini Round Ornaments (Elias Studios) 71 Elias Studios $120USD $100USD CLOSED
6 Months of Arrangements (Nolan's Flowers & Gifts) 5 Nolan's Flowers & Gifts $300USD $160USD CLOSED
A Bowl of Sea Glass (Joan Powers) 104 Joan Powers $100USD $50USD CLOSED
Adams Street Barn (Ron Couture) 109 Mary Coogan $150USD CLOSED
A. Lincoln (Barry Close) 121 Barry Close $600USD $280USDSOLD CLOSED
A Little Red Tangled in Blue (Patricia G. Faulkner) 50 Patricia G. Faulkner $175USD CLOSED
All Dressed Up (Ronna A. Pate) 78 Ronna A. Pate $170USD CLOSED
Amber String Theory Vase (Keith Marshall) 195 L'Attitude Gallery $525USD CLOSED
An Artful Mystery 65 Mystery Artist $450USD CLOSED
Ariana (Mary Kosowski) 220 Mary Kosowski $1,500USD CLOSED
ARTS Sign (Attleboro Arts Museum) 152 Attleboro Arts Museum $150USD $50USD CLOSED
Asymmetrical Yellow Duo (Kevin Grady) 194 Kevin Grady $300USD $100USD CLOSED
ATTLEBORO Sign (Attleboro Arts Museum) 151 Attleboro Arts Museum $150USD CLOSED
Autumn Rising (Leah Mahiri) 81 Leah Mahiri $50USD CLOSED
Autumn's Bounty (Robin Beckwith) 76 Robin Beckwith $400USD $150USDSOLD CLOSED
A Winter Impression (Meggie Zhang) 141 Meggie Zhang $475USD CLOSED
Before... (Ashby Carlisle) 75 Ashby Carlisle $650USD $350USDSOLD CLOSED
Between the Lines (David Lee Black) 133 David Lee Black $100USD $45USDSOLD CLOSED
Blue Dog (Diana Cole) 175 Diana Cole $125USD $171USD CLOSED
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