CherryArts – Stanley Arts Festival Art Auction 2019
Auction Ends: Sep 8, 2019 10:00 PM MDT

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Maize in the City 'Family four-pack' 850 $31USDSOLD CLOSED
Arabella Tattershall "Bird On A Wire" Booth: 35 $70USDSOLD CLOSED
Francis Ford Coppola Chardonnay, T-shirt and Cherry Pie Socks 450 $25USDSOLD CLOSED
June Ruby $50 Gift Card 200 $25USDSOLD CLOSED
Steamboat Grand "3 Night stay in Steamboat" 300 $412USDSOLD CLOSED
Stella Artois Package 750 $25USDSOLD CLOSED
Francis Coppola Pinot Noir Wine, shirt and pie socks 500 $35USDSOLD CLOSED
Happy On the High Road, 2019 400 $55USDSOLD CLOSED
Stanley Beer Hall Gift Card 800 $40USDSOLD CLOSED
Tom Heywood "Denver Union Station" Booth: 37 $145USDSOLD CLOSED
2019 Cherry Creek Arts Festival Merchandise Package 550 $15USDSOLD CLOSED
Mami Yamamoto "January And Second" Booth:15 $70USDSOLD CLOSED
Peter Karner "Mid Mod Vase" Booth 86 $205USDSOLD CLOSED
Amelia Furman "Your Turn" Booth 33 $240USDSOLD CLOSED
David Mayhew 'Big Red' Booth: 10 $325USDSOLD CLOSED
Francis Ford Coppola Claret Wine, Tank Top and Cell Phone Carrier 600 $25USDSOLD CLOSED
Tom Heywood "Denver Skyline Sunset" Booth: 27B $160USDSOLD CLOSED
CherryArts Camping Kit 700 $25USDSOLD CLOSED
Erika Bushee "Frankie Baby" Booth 82 $235USDSOLD CLOSED
Michael Stipek "Logger Bob's Cabin" Booth 68 $165USDSOLD CLOSED
Mobile Art Cart 100 $120USDSOLD CLOSED
Francis Ford Coppola Chardonnay Wine, CCAF Festival Towel 650 $35USDSOLD CLOSED
Todd Perkins "Grunge CO Flag Guitar Sculpture Art" Booth 31 $450USDSOLD CLOSED
Arturo Garcia "Tatanka" Booth 56 $300USDSOLD CLOSED
Glynn Powell & James Schultz 'Reef' 2 $95USDSOLD CLOSED
Shara Oliman "Autumn's Palette" Booth: 30 $475USDSOLD CLOSED
Anne London "Soul Survivor" Booth 66 $637USDSOLD CLOSED
Jennifer O'Meara 'North Face Blue with White Fence' Booth: 45 $2,000USDSOLD CLOSED
Pamela Neely "End Tables" Booth: 65 $575USDSOLD CLOSED