Small Paws Rescue Inc. – Small Paws Rescue Holiday Auction 2019
Auction Ends: Dec 1, 2019 10:00 PM EST

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
14K Gold Heart Pendant with Rose 465 Nancy Rapolla $24USDSOLD CLOSED
16 foot Pink Retractable leash 451 Kathleen Harris $20USDSOLD CLOSED
18 piece Bichon Nativity 124 Andra Heitzman $1,600USDSOLD CLOSED
2017 Jim Shore ornament 394 Kelli Beinlich $5USDSOLD CLOSED
2018 Temperature Blanket 299 Anne Rutten $110USDSOLD CLOSED
2020 Bichon Wall Calendar 244 Jane Robinson $70USDSOLD CLOSED
$25 Amazon Gift Card 206 Heidi Peter $80USDSOLD CLOSED
$25 Cracker Barrel Gift Card 207 Heidi Peter $45USDSOLD CLOSED
$25 Starbucks Gift Card 208 Heidi Peter $45USDSOLD CLOSED
2-CD set from The British Invasion 417 Melissa Egan $30USDSOLD CLOSED
2 pair of Paws socks 427 Melissa Egan $35USDSOLD CLOSED
3 different cosmetic bags 422 Melissa Egan $10USDSOLD CLOSED
3 small eagles 216 Linda Barber and Jill Simmons $2USDSOLD CLOSED
3 tier beaded necklace 387 Robbin Locke $19USDSOLD CLOSED
3 West Highland Terrier Mini Bird Houses 414 In Memory of Lulu,Tulsa, $65USDSOLD CLOSED
4" glass candlesticks 435 Ellen Kehoe $8USDSOLD CLOSED
4th Annual Bay Area Bichon Picnic Tee Shirt . 352 In Memory of Lulu,Tulsa,Tucker,Chipper,Heidi,Susie $12USDSOLD CLOSED
8" glass candlesticks 436 Ellen Kehoe $9USDSOLD CLOSED
Abalone Shell Earrings 185 Robbin Locke $20USDSOLD CLOSED
All Natural Calming Collar 484 Andra Heitzman $29USDSOLD CLOSED
All Natural Calming Collar 485 Andra Heitzman $30USDSOLD CLOSED
American flag teapot and mug 218 Linda Barber and Jill Simmons $14USDSOLD CLOSED
Animal communication session 221 Ann Hoff $111USDSOLD CLOSED
Beaded Bichon keychain 226 Carrie Rogers $30USDSOLD CLOSED
Betsey Johnson boxed Angel drop earrings 463 Jane Cameron $19USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon address book and pen 514 Carol Taylor $70USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Bag 166 Jody Ferraro $11USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Birthday Card 535 Diane Pyper $6USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Birthday Card 536 Diane Pyper $12USDSOLD CLOSED
Bichon Book Mark 477 Melissa Egan $35USDSOLD CLOSED
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