Lion's Roar Foundation – 14th Annual Lion's Roar Foundation Auction
Auction Ends: Nov 29, 2020 10:00 PM EST

Meditation Supplies - 49 ITEMS (1 - 30)

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
20MinuteCandles: Starter Set 215 20MinuteCandles $30USD $75USDSOLD CLOSED
AscendantMeditation: Transcendant Meditation Bench 173 AscendantMeditation $120USD $230USDSOLD CLOSED
Awake Meditation Timer + Alarm Clock by Offgrid Mindfulness 317 Offgrid Mindfulness $60USD $80USDSOLD CLOSED
BeanProductsInc: Zabuton + Zafu Combo in Hemp 168 $120USD $111USDSOLD CLOSED
Best Singing Bowls: Large Antique Bowl or $100 off a higher-priced bowl 106 Best Singing Bowls $100USD $135USDSOLD CLOSED
Best Singing Bowls: Small Antique Singing Bowl with Leather-bound Ringing Stick 107 Best Singing Bowls $100USD $120USDSOLD CLOSED
Bluecony: IKUKO Original Meditation Bench with Cotton Bag 456 Bluecony $129USD $159USDSOLD CLOSED
Buddhadoma: Green Tara Prayer Flags 356 Buddhadoma $14USD $81USDSOLD CLOSED
Dakini Meditative: Adult Gomden Meditation Cushion 353 Dakini Meditative $95USD $96USDSOLD CLOSED
Dakini Meditative: Children's Zafu Meditation Cushion 342 Dakini Meditative $75USD $40USDSOLD CLOSED
Dakini Meditative: Zafu "Kaleidoscope of Flowers" Meditation Cushion 351 Dakini Meditative $85USD $120USDSOLD CLOSED
De Baun Fine Ceramics: Handmade Aum and Lotus Incense Burner in Turquoise and Gold 481 $36USD $55USDSOLD CLOSED
De Baun Fine Ceramics: Handmade Endless Knot Incense Burner and Candle Holder 479 $36USD $30USDSOLD CLOSED
De Baun Fine Ceramics: Handmade Raku Incense Burner with Dorje in Jade Green 486 $27USD $22USDSOLD CLOSED
De Baun Fine Ceramics: Handmade Raku Incense Burner with Double Dorje in Gold 487 $28USD $26USDSOLD CLOSED
De Baun Fine Ceramics: Handmade Raku Offering Bowl with Dorje in Royal Blue 483 $24USD $40USDSOLD CLOSED
DharmaCrafts: Eco Zafu & Zabuton Set in Bidder's Choice of Color 149 DharmaCrafts $139USD $130USDSOLD CLOSED
Dharma Sculpture: Tibetan Mani Buddhist Prayer Wheel 424 Dharma Sculpture $40USD $156USDSOLD CLOSED
Dharma Sculpture: Vitarka Mudra Cambodian Buddha in Wood 421 Dharma Sculpture $175USD $170USDSOLD CLOSED
dZi Handmade: Meditation/Singing Bowl from the Tibet Collection 340 Tibet Collection $150USD $228USDSOLD CLOSED
Earth to Ethers: "Inca" 96" Lotus Wrap 226 Earth to Ethers $85USD $110USDSOLD CLOSED
GAIAPROJECT: Volcanic Lava Stone and Inlaid Tibetan Bead Mala 170 GAIAPROJECT $48USD $85USDSOLD CLOSED
Great Eastern Sun Store: Grey Druzzy Agate Mala with Hematite 392 Great Eastern Sun $46USD $75USDSOLD CLOSED
Halfmoon: Crescent Meditation Cushion in Rose Clay Linen 231 Halfmoon $90USD $80USDSOLD CLOSED
Himalayan Traders: Tibetan Incense Holder 264 Himalayan Traders $50USD $50USDSOLD CLOSED
LinLaserWorks: "Emanating Buddha" Wooden Candle Holder & Shadow Lantern 468 LinLaserWorks $16USD $45USDSOLD CLOSED
Lotus Lion Designs: Red Sesame and Crazy Lace Jasper Nichiren Juzu Prayer Beads 496 $59USD $85USDSOLD CLOSED
LovingMala: 108-Bead Black Onyx Mala 163 LovingMala $27USD $101USDSOLD CLOSED
meaning to pause: Be Mindful Now Vibrating "Pause" Bracelet in Mahogany Peachwood 295 meaning to pause? $37USD $80USDSOLD CLOSED
Meditation Candles: Ceramic Holder and 100 20-Minute Beeswax Candles 354 Meditation Candles $54USD $75USDSOLD CLOSED
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