Lion's Roar Foundation – 14th Annual Lion's Roar Foundation Auction
Auction Ends: Nov 29, 2020 10:00 PM EST

Gifts - 43 ITEMS (31 - 43)

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Peggy Turner Zablotny: Set of Six Botanical Collage Note Cards 395 Peggy Turner Zablotny $27USD $25USDSOLD CLOSED
Quarto Group: 4-Book "Mindful Thoughts for..." Mothers, Fathers, Artists, & Homemakers 305 Quarto Group $40USD $28USDSOLD CLOSED
Quarto Group: "Timeless Rumi" Three-Book Series 307 Quarto Group $50USD $80USDSOLD CLOSED
Shambhala Publications: Japanese Home Cooking with Tote Bag 181 Shambhala Publications $50USD $65USDSOLD CLOSED
Shambhala Publications: Living Beautifully & Journal Two-Book Set, includes Tote 186 Shambhala Publications $42USD $50USDSOLD CLOSED
Shambhala Publications: Two-Book Outdoor Set for Adventuring Families, includes Tote 183 Shambhala Publications $44USD $35USDSOLD CLOSED
Shambhala Publications: Two-Book Set for Meeting Life's Daily Challenges, includes Tote 184 Shambhala Publications $43USD $35USDSOLD CLOSED
Simon Day Jewelry: Knot of Eternity Pendant in Sterling Silver 171 Simon Day Jewelry $80USD $55USDSOLD CLOSED
Sounds True: Four-Title Picture Book Set & Parenting Guide 399 Sounds True $65USD $42USDSOLD CLOSED
The Pigeon Heart: Personal Astrology Reading with Genevieve Sky by Remote 144 The Pigeon's Heart $175USD $115USDSOLD CLOSED
Toe Talk: Mindful Gift Set with "Be Mindful" Socks and Wrist Mala 368 Toe Talk $45USD $50USDSOLD CLOSED
Wei of Chocolate: 30 Piece "All the Wei" Dark Chocolate Assortment 310 Wei of Chocolate $48USD $115USDSOLD CLOSED
Yen Chua: "Snow Lion" Limited Edition Linocut Print 138 Anyen Rinpoche $400USD $200USDSOLD CLOSED
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