St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation – Online Silent Auction 2020
Auction Ends: Sep 4, 2020 04:00 PM EDT

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
An Evening With Friends at Killarney in the Park 160 Killarney in the Park $400CAD $460CADSOLD CLOSED
Barbecue Bliss 101 Barry's Bay Metro $800CAD $650CADSOLD CLOSED
CAA Plus Membership 102 CAA North & East Ontario - Mandy Chepeka $140CAD $120CADSOLD CLOSED
Chocolate Indulgence 103 CIBC - Lance Zilney $125CAD $140CADSOLD CLOSED
Creekside Dining 104 Creekside Grill & Beaver Tails $50CAD $50CADSOLD CLOSED
David Kay Artwork 105 The Gallery House of David Kay $250CAD $110CADSOLD CLOSED
Doug De La Matter Photography 106 Doug De La Matter $400CAD $200CADSOLD CLOSED
Dress for Golf! 107 The Homestead at Wolf Ridge Golf Club $145CAD $110CADSOLD CLOSED
Dry Your Hair Like a Pro! 108 Audrey's Hair Studio $120CAD $110CADSOLD CLOSED
Dye Devereux Artwork 109 Cormorant Lane Gallery $285CAD $185CADSOLD CLOSED
Entertain Lavishly! 110 Cecil Cybulski, Barry's Bay Metro, Craig & Lorraine Coulter $300CAD $260CADSOLD CLOSED
Essential Wellness 152 Cindy Ryland $115CAD $100CADSOLD CLOSED
Everyone Needs a Hug! 111 Sylvia Irving $50CAD $60CADSOLD CLOSED
Feel Good Facial! 112 Eve's Escape Spa $100CAD $135CADSOLD CLOSED
Flat Iron for a Fresh Look 113 Audrey's Hair Studio $130CAD $70CADSOLD CLOSED
Garmin GPS Golf Watch 114 Anonymous $200CAD $190CADSOLD CLOSED
Gents...Classic Casual 115 Columbia - Chris Gienow $140CAD $85CADSOLD CLOSED
Golden Treasures 116 Sands on Golden Lake, The Cottage Cup, Pharmasave Golden Lake $215CAD $170CADSOLD CLOSED
Golf Anyone? 117 Umano Medical $80CAD $60CADSOLD CLOSED
Guys...Explore in Style! 118 Columbia - Chris Gienow $90CAD $55CADSOLD CLOSED
Horse-drawn Sleigh Ride 119 Cec Andrus $150CAD $120CADSOLD CLOSED
Horst Guilhauman "Midnight Choir" Artwork 120 Lisa Hildebrandt $500CAD $180CADSOLD CLOSED
Jelly Roll Rug 121 Quilters Curve; Lisa Strack and Cathy Drevniok $300CAD $220CADSOLD CLOSED
Joyce Burkholder Artwork 122 Joyce Burkholder $160CAD $200CADSOLD CLOSED
Kathy Haycock Artwork and Puzzle 123 Kathy Haycock $325CAD $280CADSOLD CLOSED
Kitchen Classic 124 Don's Woodcrafts $50CAD $70CADSOLD CLOSED
Ladies Columbia Jacket 125 Columbia - Chris Gienow $160CAD $80CADSOLD CLOSED
Ladies...Get Fit in Fashion! 126 Columbia - Chris Gienow $140CAD $65CADSOLD CLOSED
Ladies Skin Care Package 127 Sigrid Natural Skin Care $64CAD $61CADSOLD CLOSED
Linda Sorensen Artwork 128 Linda Sorensen $250CAD $230CADSOLD CLOSED
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