William & Mary Law School – Public Service Fund Auction 2021, Under the Sea
Auction Ends: Mar 9, 2021 11:00 PM EST

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Virtual Wine Tasting with Professional Sommelier (Wine Included)! 129 $120USD $130USDSOLD CLOSED
The Cheese Shop Indulgence 232 $100USD $130USDSOLD CLOSED
Handmade Butcher Block/Cutting Board 222 $450USD $130USDSOLD CLOSED
Doggy Playtime at St. Francis Doggy Daycare! 166 $100USD $130USDSOLD CLOSED
A Lifetime Supply of Pancakes 196 $100USD $130USDSOLD CLOSED
Virtual Game Night with Professor Bruhl! 130 Priceless $125USDSOLD CLOSED
The Kombucha-Fueled Yogi 216 $100USD $125USDSOLD CLOSED
South of the Border 180 $100USD $120USDSOLD CLOSED
Parks & Pork with Professor Franklin! 164 Priceless $120USDSOLD CLOSED
New Orleans Saints - Mark Ingram Signed Jersey 201 $150USD $120USDSOLD CLOSED
Hand Knit Rainbow Blanket 237 Priceless $111USDSOLD CLOSED
Frank Lloyd Wright Gift Basket 141 $160USD $110USDSOLD CLOSED
Treat Yourself 189 $100USD $105USDSOLD CLOSED
Cherry Almond Spa Day! 150 $100USD $101USDSOLD CLOSED
Cooking or Takeout? 241 $170USD $100USDSOLD CLOSED
Trader Joe's Galore 152 $60USD $95USDSOLD CLOSED
Night Out at The Melting Pot of Peninsula 136 $140USD $95USDSOLD CLOSED
Lunch with Former W&M President Mr. Taylor Reveley 231 Priceless $90USDSOLD CLOSED
Handmade Cheese Board 223 $250USD $90USDSOLD CLOSED
Book Snob 198 $130USD $90USDSOLD CLOSED
Spices Around Williamsburg 172 $80USD $87USDSOLD CLOSED
Williamsburg Staples 208 $90USD $85USDSOLD CLOSED
Pet Care at Godspeed Animal Care! 165 $100USD $85USDSOLD CLOSED
Virginia Brewery Hop 178 $100USD $80USDSOLD CLOSED
Tech Giant 194 $300USD $80USDSOLD CLOSED
Physics/Math/Science Tutoring with Georgetown PhD Student 118 $180USD $80USDSOLD CLOSED
The Candlemaker 173 $90USD $77USDSOLD CLOSED
The Matador 205 $130USD $75USDSOLD CLOSED
Museums of Richmond 190 $208USD $75USDSOLD CLOSED
Gym Rat 184 $110USD $75USDSOLD CLOSED
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