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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Antique Oil Painting 120 $100USD $100USDSOLD CLOSED
Beautiful Giraffe 170 $75USD CLOSED
Beautiful Hard Carved Rhino in Stone 171 $250USD CLOSED
Beautiful Watercolor, Pen and Ink, Maker Art 173 $1,000USD CLOSED
Beautiful Wood Carving 174 $100USD CLOSED
Drawing of "Pink Joey" by Irma Gronberg 184 $100USD CLOSED
Oil Painting VINTAGE 215 $100USD CLOSED
Original Acrylic on Canvas by Erik Orr 216 $250USD CLOSED
Original Tigger Drawing by Don Williams 217 $300USD CLOSED
ORIGINAL Watercolor - Famed Artist Chris Van Geest 218 $2,500USD CLOSED
Paintings by Linda 219 $150USD CLOSED
Parisean Street Scene Acrylic Painting 220 $250USD CLOSED
Parvez Taj Original Art on Wood 221 $500USD CLOSED
Photograph of Bridge by Famed Ron Keebler 223 $75USD CLOSED
Print by Artist L. Hartough of the Clubhouse and 18th at Royal Troon Golf Club 224 $200USD CLOSED
Print of a Watercolor by Artist Robert E. Kennedy 225 $75USD CLOSED
Professionally Framed Print/Photo 226 $35USD CLOSED
Sardinia Crystal Fish 227 $100USD CLOSED
Stone Carvings 232 $200USD CLOSED
Tribal Art 236 $75USD CLOSED
Vintage Art 243 $100USD CLOSED
VINTAGE Art on Silk 244 $100USD CLOSED
VINTAGE - Don Quixote Print by Daumier 246 $20USD CLOSED
VINTAGE - Don Quixote Print by Daumier 255 $20USD CLOSED
Vintage Oil Painting 249 $75USD CLOSED
Watercolor by Sara Todderud 253 $100USD CLOSED
Western Theme Water Color by Don Schairer 254 $500USD CLOSED
Where The Two Came To Their Father - Navajo Lithographs 264 $1,000USD CLOSED