Harley's Dream – A Soft Place to Land - Soft Goods Auction
Auction Ends: Nov 21, 2021 10:00 PM MST

Clothing (Dogs) - 52 ITEMS (1 - 30)

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Adidog Hoodie (size xs) 279 Kim McNally $8USD $31USDSOLD CLOSED
Baby Blue Christmas Sweater (size xs) 304 Denise Church $36USD $55USDSOLD CLOSED
Beautiful Pink Dress w/Fleece Lining and Rhinestones (size s) 339 Denise Church $40USD $23USDSOLD CLOSED
Blue Waterproof Fleece Lined Jacket (size s) 313 Denise Church $15USD $22USDSOLD CLOSED
Christmas Collar and Elf Costume 148 Lisa Grinde $5USD $14USDSOLD CLOSED
Christmas Scarf for Sm Dog 294 Danielle Tyler $6USD $31USDSOLD CLOSED
Christmas Tree (lights up) Sweatshirt (size xs) 305 Denise Church $16USD $16USDSOLD CLOSED
Colorful Dog Poncho 223 Lisa Bracewell $15USD $82USDSOLD CLOSED
Cute Sunflower Shirt (small) 324 $10USD $26USDSOLD CLOSED
Dala Dog Sweater (size xs) 118 Kathy Englund $62USD $30USDSOLD CLOSED
Donut Kill My Vibe - Doggie Shirt 117 Connie Griggs $6USD $8USDSOLD CLOSED
Duck Socks (xs-small) 217 Peggy Garrels $5USD $7USDSOLD CLOSED
Duck Socks (xs-small) 218 Peggy Garrels $5USD $7USDSOLD CLOSED
Faux Fur & Beige Suede Coat (size s) 316 Denise Church $115USD $35USDSOLD CLOSED
Faux Fur & Suede Coat, Pink (size xs) 310 Denise Church $42USD $19USDSOLD CLOSED
Faux Silver Fox Fur & Pink Suede Coat (size s) 308 Denise Church $115USD $35USDSOLD CLOSED
Fleece Lined Black Winter Coat (size m) 109 Alan Davis $23USD $35USDSOLD CLOSED
Floral Dress by Fitwarm (size s) 340 Denise Church $20USD $37USDSOLD CLOSED
Gray Tweed Coat w/Purple Lining - (size xs) 321 Denise Church $14USD $12USDSOLD CLOSED
Holiday Dog Sweater - Size 10" (small) 234 Eleanor Short $13USD $30USDSOLD CLOSED
Holiday Dog Sweater - Size 8" (xs) 233 Eleanor Short $13USD $20USDSOLD CLOSED
Holiday Festive 'Snowflakes' Dog Sweater - Size 10" (small) 236 Eleanor Short $8USD $27USDSOLD CLOSED
Holiday Festive 'Snowflakes' Dog Sweater - Size 8" 240 Eleanor Short $7USD $9USDSOLD CLOSED
Hooded 'Love is the Adventure' Doggie Sweatshirt (size s) 288 Jeanne Baessler $18USD $45USDSOLD CLOSED
Hot Dog Dog Costume (size s) 327 Kacee Simpson $10USD $11USDSOLD CLOSED
Irish Doggie Shirt (size xs) 341 Denise Church $10USD $21USDSOLD CLOSED
Knitted Variegated Gray Doggie Scarf w/Rhinestones 337 Denise Church $15USD $16USDSOLD CLOSED
Linen Pink Sundress (size xs) 342 Denise Church $10USD $5USDSOLD CLOSED
Merry Christmas Red Hoodie, (size xs) 320 Denise Church $10USD $10USDSOLD CLOSED
Navy & Green Plaid Flannel Shirt (size s) 293 Danielle Tyler $10USD $26USDSOLD CLOSED
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