Luther Burbank Center for the Arts – Art of Dessert 2022
Auction Ends: Apr 13, 2022 08:00 PM PDT

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
A Beautiful Bruliam Pinot Noir! 111 $300USD $135USDSOLD CLOSED
A Big Pizza Pie... That's Amore! 201 $750USD SOLD Live Event
Apr 9, 2022
A Big Taste of Sierra Nevada! 155 $300USD $135USDSOLD CLOSED
A Case of Chavez Family Cellars Carlin's Blend! 174 $450USD $280USDSOLD CLOSED
Alluring Arista Pinots! 109 $320USD $240USDSOLD CLOSED
A Lovely Lynmar Pinot Noir! 120 $250USD $155USDSOLD CLOSED
A Must for any Serious Wine Collector! 145 $345USD $345USDSOLD CLOSED
An Apple A Day--Won't keep the Cider away! 153 $160USD $140USDSOLD CLOSED
Art and Music Blended! 198 $300USD SOLD Live Event
Apr 9, 2022
A Taste of Italy in Your Glass! 125 $170USD $260USDSOLD CLOSED
A Taste of Italy in Your Glass! 126 $170USD $175USDSOLD CLOSED
Beautifully Bespoke Butter + Cream 159 $150USD $200USDSOLD CLOSED
Black Piglet Chefs At Your Service - Golden Ticket 192 $5,000USD SOLD Live Event
Apr 9, 2022
Bubbles for Everyone! 114 $900USD $1,100USDSOLD CLOSED
Catch The Santo Spirit! 154 $300USD $205USDSOLD CLOSED
Destination: Umbria 206 $5,825USD Live Event
Apr 9, 2022
Experience Maui's Most Glamorous Resort 195 $10,000USD Live Event
Apr 9, 2022
Flanagan's Finest Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon 115 $470USD $185USDSOLD CLOSED
Get the Party Started! 181 $200USD $180USDSOLD CLOSED
Go Dubs! 190 $5,000USD SOLD Live Event
Apr 9, 2022
Head On Over to Texas' Original Urban Resort 191 $14,575USD Live Event
Apr 9, 2022
"Healdsburg Memorial Bridge" Photograph on Canvas by Alexis Greenberg 163 $650USD $360USDSOLD CLOSED
Hey, Hey, Hook & Ladder! 117 $300USD $140USDSOLD CLOSED
It's Gonna Be a Country Summer! 151 $330USD $180USDSOLD CLOSED
Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon! 175 $225USD $250USDSOLD CLOSED
"Just the Two of Us" Original Painting by Kate Salenfriend 168 $350USD CLOSED
Laurel Glen Cabernet Sauvignon Vertical 119 $550USD $225USDSOLD CLOSED
Life is like a box of Fleur Sauvage Chocolates 102 $30USD $90USDSOLD CLOSED
Make Memories at Forth Vineyards 116 $300USD $110USDSOLD CLOSED
Make Room For This Kosta-Browne Pinot Noir Appellation Series! 128 $210USD $340USDSOLD CLOSED
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