The Ashes to Art Project 2012 – The Ashes To Art Project 2012
Auction Ends: Oct 21, 2012 10:00 PM EDT

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Earth Energy 141 805USDSOLD CLOSED
Morgan Bay Beach Resort, St. Lucia - 1 Week/2 Room Stay CMP-104 Elite Island Resorts 3100USD 700USDSOLD CLOSED
Nature Never Did Betray The Heart That Loved Her 140 425USDSOLD CLOSED
Aspen Grove 138 355USDSOLD CLOSED
Fantastic 7 Night Resort Vacation of Your Choice (Thousands of Destinations Worldwide) CMP-105 Endless Vacation Rentals 1500USD 320USDSOLD CLOSED
Brown Trout & Stonefly Nymph 101 310USDSOLD CLOSED
Stark Ravens 110 285USDSOLD CLOSED
Newman's Pride 119 240USDSOLD CLOSED
Buckhorn Aspen 149 205USDSOLD CLOSED
Landscape 153 171USDSOLD CLOSED
Forest Ghost 137 165USDSOLD CLOSED
Smoke on the Mountain 139 155USDSOLD CLOSED
Embers 112 155USDSOLD CLOSED
Bessie In Black and White 102 151USDSOLD CLOSED
Blue Skies Ahead 121 150USDSOLD CLOSED
Untitled 107 132USDSOLD CLOSED
Transformative Balance 113 130USDSOLD CLOSED
The Survivor 125 130USDSOLD CLOSED
one match 154 125USDSOLD CLOSED
From the Ashes 106 120USDSOLD CLOSED
Death to Life 111 118USDSOLD CLOSED
viktor 126 105USDSOLD CLOSED
The Phoenix 145 105USDSOLD CLOSED
Fire to Ice 147 105USDSOLD CLOSED
Bright Future 155 105USDSOLD CLOSED
Rising Above The Ashes 131 100USDSOLD CLOSED
Cleansing & New Growth 115 100USDSOLD CLOSED
Three Sentinels 143 90USDSOLD CLOSED
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