The Ashes to Art Project 2012 – The Ashes To Art Project 2012
Auction Ends: Oct 21, 2012 10:00 PM EDT

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Earth Energy 141 $805USDSOLD CLOSED
Morgan Bay Beach Resort, St. Lucia - 1 Week/2 Room Stay CMP-104 Elite Island Resorts $3,100USD $700USDSOLD CLOSED
Nature Never Did Betray The Heart That Loved Her 140 $425USDSOLD CLOSED
Aspen Grove 138 $355USDSOLD CLOSED
Fantastic 7 Night Resort Vacation of Your Choice (Thousands of Destinations Worldwide) CMP-105 Endless Vacation Rentals $1,500USD $320USDSOLD CLOSED
Brown Trout & Stonefly Nymph 101 $310USDSOLD CLOSED
Stark Ravens 110 $285USDSOLD CLOSED
Newman's Pride 119 $240USDSOLD CLOSED
Buckhorn Aspen 149 $205USDSOLD CLOSED
Landscape 153 $171USDSOLD CLOSED
Forest Ghost 137 $165USDSOLD CLOSED
Smoke on the Mountain 139 $155USDSOLD CLOSED
Embers 112 $155USDSOLD CLOSED
Bessie In Black and White 102 $151USDSOLD CLOSED
Blue Skies Ahead 121 $150USDSOLD CLOSED
Untitled 107 $132USDSOLD CLOSED
Transformative Balance 113 $130USDSOLD CLOSED
The Survivor 125 $130USDSOLD CLOSED
one match 154 $125USDSOLD CLOSED
From the Ashes 106 $120USDSOLD CLOSED
Death to Life 111 $118USDSOLD CLOSED
viktor 126 $105USDSOLD CLOSED
The Phoenix 145 $105USDSOLD CLOSED
Fire to Ice 147 $105USDSOLD CLOSED
Bright Future 155 $105USDSOLD CLOSED
Rising Above The Ashes 131 $100USDSOLD CLOSED
Cleansing & New Growth 115 $100USDSOLD CLOSED
Three Sentinels 143 $90USDSOLD CLOSED
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