Baltimore Clayworks – The Clay Ball 2009
Auction Ends: Sep 23, 2009 09:00 PM EDT

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Silvia Zumaraga Handbag 137 The Little Shoebox $600USD CLOSED
"Sports Captain" by Rick Cleaver 136 Rick Cleaver $1,000USD CLOSED
Teapot with Two Cups by Pat Scull 134 Pat Scull $300USD CLOSED
Sculpture by Karl Yost 132 Jewell Gross Brenneman $100USD CLOSED
Tecopa Pupfish Vases by Tina Carroll 130 Tina Carroll $250USD CLOSED
Bowl by Martina Lantin 129 Martina Lantin $250USD CLOSED
Bowl by Collette Smith 128 Collette Smith $150USD CLOSED
Bowl by Eric Jensen 127 Eric Jensen Ceramics $150USD CLOSED
"The Party" Plate by JoAnn Kandel 126 JoAnn Kandel $125USD CLOSED
Oval Dish by Terry Gess 125 Terry Gess $200USD CLOSED
Field Platter by Matt Hyleck 124 Matt Hyleck $200USD CLOSED
Ceramic Sculpture by James Tisdale 123 James Tisdale $950USD CLOSED
Multiple Ceramic Spoons 121 Debbie Kupinsky $400USD CLOSED
"Trite" by Craig Clifford 120 Craig Clifford $350USD CLOSED
Jill and Eric Plate by JoAnn Kandel 119 JoAnn Kandel $200USD CLOSED
Tall Vase by Ryan H. Greenheck 118 Ryan J. Greenheck $650USD CLOSED
Ribbon Candle Vase by Jennifer McCurdy 117 Jennifer McCurdy $400USD CLOSED
Jill Schwartz Necklace 115 Elements-Jill Schwartz $60USD $29USDSOLD CLOSED
Lady Bug Bracelet 114 La Terra $49USD CLOSED
Bird Necklace 113 La Terra $122USD CLOSED
"Mother and Child" by June Heintz 111 June Heintz $600USD CLOSED
Bowl by Donna McGee 110 Donna McGee $65USD CLOSED
"Two Black Birds" by Jenny Mendes 109 Jenny Mendes $45USD CLOSED
"Pelican Wave" Large Mug by Justin Rothshank 108 Justin Rothshank/Union Project $36USD CLOSED
Platter by Margery Pozefsky 107 Margery Pozefsky $60USD CLOSED
Pearl Necklace 106 Bijoux $100USD CLOSED
Bowl by Sheila & Paul Ray 105 Ray Pottery $65USD CLOSED
Giraffe 104 Yardbirds $60USD CLOSED
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