Baltimore Clayworks – The Clay Ball 2009
Auction Ends: Sep 23, 2009 09:00 PM EDT

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Item Name Item Number Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left
Silvia Zumaraga Handbag 137 The Little Shoebox 600USD CLOSED
"Sports Captain" by Rick Cleaver 136 Rick Cleaver 1000USD CLOSED
Teapot with Two Cups by Pat Scull 134 Pat Scull 300USD CLOSED
Sculpture by Karl Yost 132 Jewell Gross Brenneman 100USD CLOSED
Tecopa Pupfish Vases by Tina Carroll 130 Tina Carroll 250USD CLOSED
Bowl by Martina Lantin 129 Martina Lantin 250USD CLOSED
Bowl by Collette Smith 128 Collette Smith 150USD CLOSED
Bowl by Eric Jensen 127 Eric Jensen Ceramics 150USD CLOSED
"The Party" Plate by JoAnn Kandel 126 JoAnn Kandel 125USD CLOSED
Oval Dish by Terry Gess 125 Terry Gess 200USD CLOSED
Field Platter by Matt Hyleck 124 Matt Hyleck 200USD CLOSED
Ceramic Sculpture by James Tisdale 123 James Tisdale 950USD CLOSED
Multiple Ceramic Spoons 121 Debbie Kupinsky 400USD CLOSED
"Trite" by Craig Clifford 120 Craig Clifford 350USD CLOSED
Jill and Eric Plate by JoAnn Kandel 119 JoAnn Kandel 200USD CLOSED
Tall Vase by Ryan H. Greenheck 118 Ryan J. Greenheck 650USD CLOSED
Ribbon Candle Vase by Jennifer McCurdy 117 Jennifer McCurdy 400USD CLOSED
Jill Schwartz Necklace 115 Elements-Jill Schwartz 60USD 29USDSOLD CLOSED
Lady Bug Bracelet 114 La Terra 49USD CLOSED
Bird Necklace 113 La Terra 122USD CLOSED
"Mother and Child" by June Heintz 111 June Heintz 600USD CLOSED
Bowl by Donna McGee 110 Donna McGee 65USD CLOSED
"Two Black Birds" by Jenny Mendes 109 Jenny Mendes 45USD CLOSED
"Pelican Wave" Large Mug by Justin Rothshank 108 Justin Rothshank/Union Project 36USD CLOSED
Platter by Margery Pozefsky 107 Margery Pozefsky 60USD CLOSED
Pearl Necklace 106 Bijoux 100USD CLOSED
Bowl by Sheila & Paul Ray 105 Ray Pottery 65USD CLOSED
Giraffe 104 Yardbirds 60USD CLOSED
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