Utah Shakespeare Festival – Fifth Annual Las Vegas Fundraising Evening
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Fund a Quart of Festival Wood Stain

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From the interesting to the mundane, it takes a huge amount of tools, equipment, lumber, steel and hardware to build each of the Festival's sets. Your cash gift can help create what you see and experience at the Festival.

Did you know...

  • The Festival has one scene shop per theatre and a separate crew of carpenters and painters within each.  
  • In the Adams Theatre, scenery is built primarily out of wood.
  • In the Randall theatre, there is every kind of material imaginable on stage: wood, steel, plastic, and hundreds of pounds of screws, nails, bolts, pins, cables, and clips.  
  • Each painter individually created one of the faded frescoes on the walls of the Festival's 2011 production of Richard III. The texture applied to the frescoes was achieved using ground up corncobs, something typically used for commercial sand blasting.

Special Instructions

If you would like 100 percent of your donation to go to the Utah Shakespeare Festival, please use the "Donate Cash" button on the left side of the screen and donate to the Annual Fund. Any donations made through the "Buy Now" feature on BiddingForGood.com require the Festival to pay a small processing fee, which the Festival can avoid if you use the "Donate Cash" button.