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6-Everyone Needs A Place To Call Home. $250 support our programs.

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Safe, stable housing is the cornerstone from which individuals and households can pursue goals and dreams while being able to address other daily needs. Homesharing provides housing that is safe and affordable.

For 29 years Shared Housing Services’ unique Homesharing approach has helped community members in need retain and find affordable housing. All our programs derive from this Homesharing model.

The Adult Homesharing Program pairs homeowners in need of assistance to remain in their home, with home seekers looking for a safe and affordable place to live. We vet all participants with background checks, in-home visits, and in-depth interviews to ensure each match is beneficial to all parties.

Similarly, the Youth Host Home Program pairs youth and young adults with homeowners willing to provide mentorship. In partnership with other community organizations, we guide and help the youth and young adults to achieve their educational and career goals.

The Collegiate Homesharing Program is an innovative Homesharing Program that offers Pierce County residents the opportunity to help a college student obtain affordable housing by utilizing that ‘spare room’ in their home. This program offers housemate matches based on lifestyles and personalities.

Thanks to your continued support, our programs play a vital role in helping Pierce County reduce and prevent homelessness. We appreciate your generous giving, which all goes to serve participants in all our programs.

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