Wildlife SOS – Bid to be Wild 2021
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Milk bottle and support toy for a rescued baby monkey

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Wildlife SOS rescued orphaned baby monkeys from situations of human-primate conflict in and around Delhi NCR, Agra and Mathura. Forced to swing from one electric wire to another instead of tree branches, monkeys often get electrocuted as a result and lose their life. 

Since they baby monkeys are unable to survive on their own, we safely rescue them and hand-rear them before soft-releasing into the wild again.

These milk bottles and support toys give them the nutritional and emotional support, respectively, that they require in the difficult time to face the world without the care of their mother. 

Please consider gifting a baby monkey a new lease of life with this milk bottle and support toy.

Item Special Note

Funds received from the auction may be utilized to support any of the programs of Wildlife SOS.