Anytime, Anywhere Bidding

We realized the potential for success with online auctions to reach a broader audience and not just people that come to the event. Once you launch your online auction, it takes on a life of its own among members and other bidders. We keep raising more and more money.

-Sarah Demarest, Friends of the National Zoo

Want more bidding on your auction? Make it easy for your bidders

The beauty of working with BiddingForGood is that your auction can be opened up to your supporters wherever they are, on whatever device they are using.

Now bidders can bid using their smartphones or tablets from a restaurant, from an airport, from the beach or from a computer in their living room. Think of all of your supporters and how many more could participate if they could do it anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

  • The parents at home with sick children
  • The business travelers out of town on the night of your auction
  • The alumni who live on the other side of the country but still support your school or organization
  • The supporters who just don't want to put on their party clothes and come out to your gala

With anytime anywhere bidding, no one will ever miss the opportunity to support your fundraising auction