Checkout can be easier than you think

We know that one of the most stressful parts of running an auction event comes right at the end. It’s at checkout when the potential for long lines is highest.

Auction Manager Pro includes several features that streamline the checkout process, put you in control from beginning to end, and make closing out your auction easier. And easier is better for you and for your supporters.

BiddingForGood Accepted Credit Cards

Our payment processing features put you in control

You have the choice of two integrated processors: Stripe or IATS. Choose one before your auction homepage goes live so you can sell tickets and accept cash donations. You can process any type of transaction either individually or in batches. Visit our pricing page to compare set up times and processing fees.

Awarding items before processing gives you ultimate control and the ability to resolve any issues, if necessary. One of the things our customers find most helpful is the ability to delay processing their transactions until a day or two after their auction or event. There’s no need to process at at the end of an event when what you really want to do is go home and get some rest!

Quick Sale does three important things that streamline your event

Quick Sale allows you to capture, process, and report on financial transactions at your event, and we named it “quick” for a reason.

Enter tickets, items, or cash donations on the fly. If the buyer is registered in the Auction Manager, their payment information is already in the system. If not, you enter it at the time of the sale. You can process Quick Sale transactions in real time or after your event is over.

Quick Sale is so easy to use that you can train volunteers to use Quick Sale in about five minutes. You can accept credit card, cash, or check payments. All sales transacted using Quick Sale are reflected on your supporter’s single receipt and in your reports.

Credit card swipers eliminate the need for manual entry

BiddingForGood brings credit card swipers to all Premium and Platinum service mobile bidding events. Swipers make gathering credit card information quick and easy and also eliminate the possibility for errors in billing information. All the processing of the sale takes place after your auction event giving you the ability to adjust the transaction, if necessary.