Event Management Made Easier

An all-in-one platform for end-to-end event management

From planning through checkout, our event management features will help make your life easier and more efficient.

Event Management
Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing:
Choose from three integrated credit card processors to make charging credit cards easy.


Credit Card Swipers

Credit Card Swipers:
Our credit card swipers are fully integrated with our platform. Check guests in and out faster and more efficiently. Never fumble over entering those sixteen-digit credit card numbers again. Ask about availability for your event.

See where your event did well, where there’s room for growth, and where you made the biggest gains.

Quick Sale

Process Transactions In The Room:
Quick Sale lets you process transactions from fundraising beyond the auction. Capture the revenue and report on paddle up, balloon pop, wine pull, live auction or any other fundraising technique you use. Quick Sale is our point of sale system that lets you sell these items on the spot.

Event Homepage

Online Event Homepage:
Every event needs an online homepage to feature key items, give directions to your venue, sell tickets, and showcase sponsors. Our template enables you to build and launch a branded homepage in under an hour.

Sell Tickets

Sell Tickets:
Online ticketing offers guests the convenience of purchasing tickets to your event anytime/anywhere. If you’re running a mobile bidding auction, all ticket purchasers are automatically registered for mobile bidding and assigned a bidder number to make your event opening quicker and easier. No lines!

Manage Items

Manage Your Items:
Build and manage your database of item descriptions so you can print bid sheets or enable online and mobile bidding.


Print It:
Item descriptions automatically populate bid sheets and a catalog making printing them easier than 1,2,3. You can also print gift certificates and shipping labels. Plus, print your attendee list for check in on the night of your event.

Event Registration

Self registration:
Self registration allows guests who have not bought tickets ahead of time to quickly and easily register themselves when they arrive at your event. All they need to provide is name, email, and credit card.


Leaderboard Display At Your Event:
On a projector or TV screen at your event, our leaderboard can feature important items, showcase key sponsors, and acknowledge your committee. If mobile bidding is activated the leaderboard can show bidding and totals in real-time.

Next Event

Your Next Event Is Easier:
All your homepage, item, donor, and email content is saved and easy to copy to your next event, saving you time! 100% of your information is safe and secure and you can pass it all along to new auction volunteers or staff.