Invite 450,000+ Bidders

This year, we had to expand our reach beyond people who already know A.R.T./New York.. Some of our highest value auction items were awarded to online bidders from out of state.

- Rebecca Phillips, The Alliance of Resident Theatres

Passionate cause-minded shoppers

BiddingForGood, unlike any other auction software platform, has brought together a powerful community of cause-minded shoppers who bid on our customers' auctions all year round. Your Auction Manager Pro subscription gives you access to these shoppers.

Of course, you can choose to open your auction to only your own community but auctions that are open to the Bidder Community garner an average of 33% more bids. And more bids = more revenue for your organization.

BiddingForGood communicates with this dedicated group of shoppers on a regular basis, keeping our auctions and items in front of them and reminding them to "shop for a cause."

Our growing bidder community is a group of affluent online shoppers. They are as passionate about good causes as they are about finding great deals on vacation packages, dining gift certificates, spa packages, consumer electronics, and all the other great items you have in your auction. When you open your auction to them, they open their pocketbooks to you.